❖ Miss Sen's tea shop ❖ German fruit tea / cinnamon apple fruit tea / gift / tea bag

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senstea เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
❖ Miss Sen's tea shop ❖ German fruit tea / cinnamon apple fruit tea / gift / tea bag



**❖ ❖ The exclusive gift of tea**
One of the founder of the brand in the early promotion of agricultural products abroad, through the exotic large and small cities, the body
Have learned a lot of different cultural stories, when we have a better understanding of the centuries of tea craft and devote ourselves to study
We began to think about selling tea this thing, not just tea and tea sales process, we redefine the tea.
From the selection of the best tea to every detail in the hands of every person. Full of aroma of delicious tea, can be
Re-use of the packaging concept, giving each design exclusive mood, with the Taiwan native illustrator cooperation, free
Choose to match your favorite story with tea. Everything is to share a life attitude, in fact everyone
There is a Miss Sen in mind, it is a way of a better life rather than imagination, so we started
"Miss Sen's tea shop", to everyone we know the beauty of the world into the Miss Miss everyone.

❖ Estrate a cup of tea with time and footsteps ❖
Miss Sen's tea shop carefully selected tea from Europe and Germany high quality origin, all raw materials after rigorous selection
, Drying, chopping, deployment, supervision and other processes, through the necessary inspection of agricultural products, in line with the German strict
Green food hygiene regulations. In addition to carefully selected sources of supply, all fruit and tea imports, in order to maintain the original
Plant taste, no longer add cheap fruit or self-processing, and to save at low temperatures, so that every package of fruit and tea
, Can be through the consumer to buy flowers and fruit elements of tea - fresh, dry and aroma of the test.

❖ Tea / cinnamon apple pie ❖
Ingredients: apple slices, carrot slices, pineapple pieces, papaya pieces, wild rosehips, Lu Yibesi, almond slices, meat
Gui, vanilla
Taste: This is a very tea screen to drink, with the hot smoke slowly rising cinnamon flavor, to bring some nasal cavity
Micro-stimulus. After the entrance is a strong apple flavor and palatability of sour, swallowed after the mouth filled with a touch of beauty
The aroma of the aroma, it can not help but think of a perfect proportion of apple pie, is a very sweet sense of tea.

❖ Tea pot / pick up a snowflake to you ❖
When the whole Christmas was snowed and could not find a blooming flower,
Please let me pick up a snowflake to you, let it melt in your hand, like me.
**❖ bring you peace of mind with one of the most natural aromas**
To create a fragrant space, with a cup of pure sweet, did not add any artificial seasonings, corrosion
Agents, pesticides and so on by SGS professional inspection. Bubble is still a little bit of sticky light or add a little work
Bee heart to offer the courtship nectar, are safe and natural drinks.

**❖ comparable to the Pennsylvania tea industry**
The production of fruit and tea in the process of the most easy to make the nuts in the loss of nuts, Germany century tea family, cherish every
Flowers, each fruit nutrient, first fruit and fruit in the vitamins, carotene and other trace elements extraction
Come out, the fruit and dried, the most detailed use of the spray method to put nutrition back, do not waste a fruit and a nutrient
The And by its rich technical standards and experience based on contrast to create a different flavor in the charming tea.

**Let 's have a good drink of Miss**


**❖ peace of mind**
☞ raw materials from the selection, drying, chopping, deployment and production process such as strict control, through the necessary inspection of agricultural products
Inspection, in line with the provisions of the EU and Taiwan regulations. Pass SGS security check.
☞ raw materials into the warehouse, the sort of storage management, twenty-four hours to maintain the room temperature and 20 ℃ relative humidity
55%, to maintain herbal tea / fruit and tea raw materials quality and freshness.
☞ Three-dimensional tea bag inside the bag imported from Japan heat-resistant PET network, all the packaging materials at home and abroad through the unit

**::: Shelf life: two years :::**
**::: Tea tank capacity: 14 bags of three-dimensional tea bag :::**
**::: Tea Tank Size: Diameter 7cm x Height 10cm :::**
Origin / manufacturing method


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