Bucute Wolverine wallets / wallets / card holder / exclusive sale / handmade / exchange gift / coin purse

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จำหน่ายเฉพาะบน Pinkoi, บริการสั่งทำพิเศษเฉพาะลูกค้า
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Bucute Wolverine wallets / wallets / card holder / exclusive sale / handmade / exchange gift / coin purse


https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1546/24211085031_5c779577bc_o.gif Bucute wolf kit + wallet features ► New features can be changed https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4303/35979182826_acc7b4054f_o.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4323/36020963125_6141bbf49a_o.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4311/35979183056_fc49290792_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4327/36020968155_01abd56b87_o.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4323/35887382091_2d70e634eb_b.jpg Blankly blank sets of documents https://www.pinkoi.com/product/mDHsnErk?category=2 https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3928/34054498766_4aa949eb88_o.jpg Words from the villain role ~ big wolf Came after bucute Originally ferocious look Over time is assimilated Become like this now Hanhan foolish wolf Not only the appearance changed Eating habits also follow the change Now also started vegetarian Not eating meat With bucute animals we all become good friends **Bucute creation origin** This is a friend who likes ~ bucute big wolf Wishing the goods Bucute's style is like that https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2912/34097530705_ebd14933c7_o.jpg It is not fierce wolf wolf Look blankly Bucute is a blanket. (Other picture reference) ► about palm-sized https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1684/25995602326_0a32c4c0a8_o.jpg ► Ordinary ticket holder can only put two cards https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1558/23984446309_a04c8d3e34_o.jpg Card card folder 4s ~ in addition to the card outside the card can also put 10 cards So the general business card ~ membership card ~ point card ~ invoice ~ tickets Can be stuffed inside And the use of front and rear compartment design Let the card to be sensed or the identification card do not have to be used ► The hook is also particularly hardened https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1508/25748698740_bb71de7228_o.jpg Hook design using the certificate card holder 4s with the material of the table cloth production In addition to good shape also strengthened the pull resistance ► Back metal buckle https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1604/25995602456_da5a2e3a0a_o.jpg Like card sets do not do such a design ~ because it is very labor But multiple metal buckles - in addition to more cards can be accommodated Card documents on the inside will not fall out Dimensional design fill https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1578/26021541515_9682808584_o.jpg The general sets of documents are flat ~ This time the use of dolls filled with cotton So that the card holder 4s more three-dimensional sense And more healing effect ► Tickets ~ Tickets are included https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1463/23724058464_cb79b7cfc8_o.jpg Mentioned before and after the compartment design ~ Sometimes take the train when you get off the train often do not know where to go where the tickets go It is more convenient to put him in the compartment ► mysterious private money https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1473/23724058474_30fda45eaf_o.jpg In addition you can also private money or winning lottery The admission is not found inside Other pictures ~ https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3948/33965090821_135aca4278_o.jpg https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2859/33965091051_cc90fce26e_o.jpg https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2921/33965092191_082dd44a1c_o.jpg https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2834/34054498286_eeef12e691_o.jpg https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2923/33283605863_36db4bb727_o.jpg https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2842/34054498476_0ed159854e_o.jpg **【Product Description】** Size ║ body 12x8.5cm body 4.5x2cm Material ║ cotton cloth, non-fluff wool bristles or ultra-fine fiber velvet, metal, PVC Origin ║Taiwan Manufacturing ║ manual hand Made Production ║Designer panny https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1526/23557738809_537920d5f0_o.png Careful reminder I want to leave a message with me what kind of Oh? ► goods for the exclusive limited, sold out no Oh. ► have any questions can also ask me will be happy to answer your excellent :) **► Product picture color varies slightly depending on the computer screen settings, whichever is the actual product color, and I have tried to adjust it.** ► View other items or ask questions also to Bucute Facebook! **About Bucute** Bucute means that the Chinese ¨ cloth cute ¨, the design style to Japanese-based, with the most simple lines and the most lovable cute, assembled from the Bucute, more magical healing magic so you never tired, Let you find the heart of that simple and happy you. Bucute manufacturing, 100% made in Taiwan, from the design, proofing, modeling, printing, sewing, sewing, processing, packaging, different products have different production lines, a special sewing aunt clothing aunt, there are well-known brand package Package master to do OEM and technical guidance, the quality can be greatly assured. And each piece of goods last work, the location of the eyes are personally completed by the designer, the vitality of a commodity depends on the eyes of the eyes. Bucute goods, the development has been more than 10,000 kinds of goods, doll strap, cell phone sets, computer bags, pillow, folders, clothes, cups, Tote bag, goggles, mobile phone seats, jewelry ... The sales of the strap has more than 100,000 pieces. Bucute history, starting from the creative market, heard Bucute friends all know, Bucute has 8 years of the brand history of the counter, and after another a total of 15 counters, but also idol with the product sponsorship brand, marketing strategy in recent years Adjustment, department store counter first rest, the current total to the mountain, face book, pinkoi mainly. Bucute services, product-specific after-sales cleaning and maintenance services (cloth goods), so that each person's hands Bucute small things, can be used with peace of mind. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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