Leather cherry blossom strawberry crystal earrings

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Italian cowhide leather, cherry blossom, Donazzle style, ore strawberry crystal drape, 925 white fungus needle, can be changed to clip


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Leather cherry blossom strawberry crystal earrings


Sakura’s life style is actually very similar to our Higan Flower, but the story is different. A sad and desolate, a spring breeze overflows. Cherry blossoms are the same as Higan flowers, with leaves without flowers, and flowers without leaves, but their stories are quite different. In Japan, it is said that a girl cried with blood and tears while waiting for her beloved boy, and finally turned into mud and fused with cherry trees, dyed the petals red. The flower language of cherry blossoms is life, in addition to happiness, warmth, purity, nobility and spiritual beauty. **"Leather Jewelry Maintenance & Usage"** • When spraying perfume and essential oil, please spray an appropriate amount on the "back of the leather petal", avoiding the center point as much as possible. • Under the condition that vegetable tanned leather is often used, the oil secreted by the palm is a kind of maintenance. If you wear it less often, store it in a dry place without direct sunlight. Use skin care products or special oil for one to two weeks. Take a rice grain and rub it in your palm and wipe gently. •The leather surface is treated with water-repellent treatment. Please do not soak in water (bathing, hot springs, swimming, sports, etc.). If it gets wet accidentally, place it in a cool place and dry it. After it is completely dry, take care of it again, but the color will change due to water . • Each flower will have a desiccant guardian, please put them together when storing. •Leather flowers will change color over time, which are signs of normal use. "About Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather" •Vegetable tanned leather is the surface layer of the animal. It is normal texture to form some scars, wrinkles, stains or texture differences due to injuries or fights during growth. The work is also a unique natural imprint. • Each flower and each plant are individually toned and dyed, and one piece produces a fairy color, so you must quickly grasp it, maybe it will not be so ideal next time. •Vegetable tanned leather will develop a moist gloss over time and the number of uses. This phenomenon is called "nourishing goods". - Version design-hand-dyed plants-the magic of the flower witch- Hand dye × leather flower × healing magic "Amidst the slightly drunk flowers and grass, be the hands of the creator." Taiwanese designer, flower witch, leather flower full of emotions and ancient stories. The leather is restrained and calm due to the warmth of the hand. The veins of the leather flower are gentle but tough. Each strand of fiber stores breath, not only jewelry, but also aura. Precautions: .The flower material is seasonal, the flower material is out of stock, and other similar flower materials will be used instead. .Some parts are exclusive special products or old treasure hunters. Each earring is unique and will not be exactly the same as the photo. .If the goods are found damaged after unpacking, please notify the witch immediately. .The product is damaged during use, and the damage cannot be recovered by itself. Nianghuage provides free maintenance. .Repair costs shall be borne by Nionghuage, except for lost parts, and the freight shall be borne by the buyer. .If you wear damaged parts, you can set up a pilot message to ask, order parts, or send back for repair. .Do not expose to direct sunlight, damp, or wash. .Please follow the correct way of dripping essential oils and spraying perfume. (As mentioned above "Leather Jewelry Maintenance & Usage Method)


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