Driver anti-collision glass bottle 500ml-powder blue

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• Combination of minimalism and feminine design • Patented anti-collision structure design provides glass protection • Adopted the latest Tritan material developed by the United States • Double bottle structure design to maintain the best feel • Food grade



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Driver anti-collision glass bottle 500ml-powder blue


Product desciption------------------------------------------------ ------------ "Glass" is the safest, most environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable material on the planet, with no plasticizer, no bisphenol A or no metal. But the only drawback is that "breaking". Our design team came up with this "anti-collision glass bottle" with a two-layer design. The outer layer is made of "American Tritan material" (Note), and the inner layer is made of glass. Plus patented silicone structure (food grade silicone, with baby pacifier material, safe and stable) The inner glass is completely covered, which reduces the cracking of the glass by 90%. This design allows young children and the elderly to drink with peace of mind. The cleaning aspect is also super easy~, the whole structure can be removed, so there is no need to worry about the problem of dirt and dirt. "Anti-collision glass water bottle" hot water bottle is not hot, ice water bottle does not sweat, keep the best feel Who says that taking a glass bottle needs to be careful, **"Driver collision glass water bottle" --- let you end the name of the saboteur** Note: Tritan is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food and beverage (FCN) No. 729. • The combination of minimalism and feminine design leads to a new lifestyle of fashion drinking water Use high-quality patented Tritan material to give the bottle a double-layered cup wall: separate the ambient temperature to keep the drink fresh or warm • Patented anti-collision structure design, providing excellent protection for inner glass • The outer layer is made of the latest Tritan material developed by the United States. It has super toughness and anti-collision properties, fully protecting the inner glass material. • Top cover suction cup silicone to slow down the impact and more fully absorb the bottle mouth to achieve 100% watertight performance •All series of silicone rubber are made of food grade nipple material, high temperature resistance +220 degrees. Low temperature resistance -20 degrees • All products can be dismantled and cleaned, and the spare parts are complete without worrying about being part orphans. • Beverage and cups are made of borosilicate heat-resistant glass High temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance will not dissolve toxic substances, so that you can drink safely and safely. • Double-layer bottle structure design, effectively separate the hands and the low temperature and high temperature of the drink Cold drinks don't sweat / hot drinks are hot in the cup but not hot in the palm, take more peace of mind • Passed SGS inspection, no heavy metals, bisphenol A and other harmful substances • This product is insured with Fubon 10 million product liability insurance, quality and security •The patented design of anti-collision structure provides a great protection for the inner glass •The outer layer is used the latest Tritan material developed By the US, with superior toughness and anti-collision •The silicone rubber designed on the lid slows down the impact and Can attach to the bottle, preventing from water leak • Made of borosilicate glass which is heat, acid and alkali resistant, Any toxic substances won't be dissolved to ensure a safe drink •The structure of double-wall design makes the bottle easy to hold In hand without any cold/hot problems •Complied with SGS standards, free from heavy metal such as plasticizer, Bisphenol A... etc •All the parts are detachable and washable •The silicone rubber is made of food-grade materials, workable Between +220 and -20 degrees •Warm color and gorgeous design, leading the drinking water trendy And bringing a new life of eco friendly • Fubon Product Liability insured for 10 million NT dollars, quality And safety guaranteed Product specifications------------------------------------------------ ------------ • Name: Driver anti-collision glass bottle 500ml • Size: 6.8cm long x 6.8cm wide x 26cm high •Material: Tritan copolyester, borosilicate heat resistant glass, silicone • Capacity: 500ml • Weight: about 265.3g Precautions------------------------------------------------ ------------ • In order to avoid the ice from rupturing against the glass, please put the drink first and then add the ice cube. • The water level of the drink should be less than 1CM below the bottle stopper. • The anti-collision patent structure is only for protecting the inner liner from cracking easily. Do not hit with gravity or when the toy is thrown, if there is crack in the inner glass, please stop using and replace the inner liner. • When cleaning the inner glass, please wash it carefully to avoid collision. • When using the water bottle for the first time, please clean it with a neutral detergent. Do not use any abrasive material such as abrasive sponge or metal brush. • If not used for a long time, please keep the bottle dry and store it.


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