Natural Top Lavender Amethyst Rose Green Strawberry Crystal Bracelet Lucky Mother's Day

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Natural lavender amethyst, rose, green strawberry crystal, grape stone, luck, wisdom, career, peach blossom, lucky, energy, bracelet



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Natural Top Lavender Amethyst Rose Green Strawberry Crystal Bracelet Lucky Mother's Day


**◈What the designer says** The main stone is wisdom amethyst and green strawberry crystal, which symbolizes luck and auspiciousness. s work. **Amethyst** Its name comes from the ancient Greek a- (no) and methustos (drunk), because it is believed that amethyst can protect its owner from being drunk, so the ancient Greeks wear amethyst and use amethyst to make wine vessels. It is believed to increase wisdom. The purple color of Lavender Amethyst is more elegant and represents high-level, spiritual and spiritual love. The frequency of purple corresponds to the top wheel, which has the effect of calming the nerves, and its pure, detailed and dense energy makes people feel like a spring breeze. **Green strawberry crystal** The green strawberry crystal is Aventurine. It contains green mica due to chromium mica. It looks like strawberry crystal and is known as green strawberry crystal. The countries that produce Dongling jade in the world are mainly India, and its emerald green variety is known as "Indian Jade". The energy of the green main palm chakra can enhance spiritual strength and also broaden people's horizons. Dongling Stone is also known as the "Stone of Opportunity". It can adjust people's emotions, promote metabolism and blood circulation, symbolize lucky and auspicious, and can help cultivate sentiment and self-cultivation. **◈Select materials carefully and check carefully** Material: Natural Lavender Amethyst, Green Strawberry Crystal, Grape Stone, 18K Gold Size: The hand circumference is about 16cm in length and 5cm in diameter.**hand circumference can be communicated and adjusted with the designer**. **◈Look forward to the only one you meet** We assure you that this is a single product, not mass produced. If you need to re-engrave or mass-produce, you must understand that you have extraordinary tastes. Because it is purely hand-made, each piece cannot be 100% the same, but we will try to make the style consistent. Please give us some time to brew each masterpiece. **◈About use and collection** 1. Natural gemstones have natural luster and unique textures (small black spots, stone grains, ice cracks, cloud fog, mineral defects, asymmetry and other natural details), as long as you wear them often, you can observe slight color changes of natural gemstones , Usually looks brighter and more charming, and is the best maintenance method. Natural organic gemstones (such as coral and amber) have low hardness and are not resistant to acids and alkalis. When they are dirty, they should not be washed with detergent, cleaned with clean water and wiped with a soft cloth. Such as baby oil) lightly brushed for maintenance. 2. The service life of metal arts is quite long, only to avoid the destruction of external force, or strong acid and alkali to cause discoloration. 3. The cloth type (satin ribbon, cotton, yarn) has a soft and comfortable texture, and the service life is quite long, only to avoid high temperature, external force damage, or strong acid and alkali to cause discoloration. 4. Any material jewelry should be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with water according to the situation, or use an appropriate amount of neutral detergent for the appropriate material. It should be kept dry as soon as possible after washing. 5. When the jewelry is unloaded, it must be properly packed and stored to prevent excess air to avoid oxidative discoloration and do not overlap and press. **◈Work packaging and after-sales maintenance** 1. If you have any questions about the work, please contact the station letter to keep in touch. 2. For the packaging part, please love the earth with us. We insist on environmental protection and recyclability, complementing the texture of the work, to achieve the purpose of unique packaging, shipping resistance, and easy access. 3.**Your ❤❤❤❤❤ praise, let us feel warm heart, repurchase in the future, and will not forget to give you gifts**. 4. We provide lifetime maintenance services for works, suggest that you can take photos of the works you want to update or damage and discuss with us.**Precious metals (18K gold, 925 silver), elastic thread silk thread, hand-made and replacement costs are "all free", the freight is borne by consumers**, so it is recommended that you send back the goods when repairing, we will complete the repair The works are sent together with the repurchased goods, which can save your shipping cost.


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