【Staff Series】 Outer layer cotton breathable mask cover for sensitive and weak muscle breathing mask-Plain

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100% Taiwan handmade tri-fold mask cover. With openings on both sides, it is convenient to put in medical masks, the mask cover can be changed and washed repeatedly, it is easy to dry, and it can effectively extend the life of the mask (note: this product does not include a mask!)



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【Staff Series】 Outer layer cotton breathable mask cover for sensitive and weak muscle breathing mask-Plain


https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/39a89383127055aad396c723adfc8422.jpg **FOR TWENTY sensitive skin brand provides pure cotton breathability, creating a sensitive and comfortable daily life.** **[Bags are handed down] Taiwanese hand-workers are dedicated to you │ give the most careful protection of sensitive muscles** **FOR TWENTY teamed up with Yilan staff** Specially made-Mom's temperature mask cover Working outside, parents at home are always particularly worried about whether the children ’s working environment and the safety of going out can be assured. FOR TWENTY also heard the voices of company colleagues and their parents, Whether you are a child or a parent, you can commute to and from school with peace of mind. The staff insist on the spirit of hand-made to develop this product, Let our company colleagues and FOR TWENTY's friends work outside can also have a safe working environment and a safe daily life. https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/6f2997f48ec5d19fb5d9d19adc08a9fd.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/e2751c712d49b257ad25b57b5145d633.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/e8412f79c98ab6511116718b9e388a5b.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/9e5c228309e26a05d540afb71ee3b3e7.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/bf6aeb3b385a3e1d392a4ceb6da8d6d2.jpg Product desciption: ● 100% Taiwan handmade ● Trifold mask cover ● Designed openings on both sides for easy placement of medical masks ● Mask cover can be changed repeatedly ● Pure cotton material is easy to dry after washing ● Can effectively extend the life of the mask (Note: This product does not contain a mask!) ● Specifications: flat area / adult = 18cm * 10.2cm (with slight difference of plus or minus 0.3cm) **If you need to change the color, please re-order** **Very important, please note! Handmade will have a common score error of about 0.2-3, if you mind that there is a slight error in the size, please do not order!** ● Fabric style: please refer to the picture area ● High air permeability, no fading and no hair ball ● Material origin and production: Taiwan ● The pre-orders are sold out and the pre-orders are sold out. If you need to specify the color of the pre-orders, please first inform us to check the fabric for you. (If the pre-order is indicated, it usually takes about 2 days to cover the spot) **note:** **If the color difference of the screen is minded, please do not place an order.** https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/03/08/9a9a6fae2e90ef2100653debce463886.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/04/23/a9b0c2a27900247fe1aadcbf69dd7f6f.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6132b07e155d0/image/data/2020/04/23/dab09f1fa5d6de9ccf5beba969180556.jpg [The origin of the story] **Simple Life X** **Stories about them** The story begins with the gray and white round doodle zipper cosmetic bag ... Mother Luo usually makes a hand-made gift for her daughter, and accidentally made us bump into this beautiful gift during a visit. As a professional sewing engineer, she always has extra fabrics and small things. She said: "Sometimes it's boring and whim. I think it's fun to make a small bag together. Anyway, boredom is also idle!" I will show it to my daughter after finishing it. If she likes it, let her take it. It ’s good to put small things in the bag. " Mother Luo said, “I do n’t think I ’m satisfied with what I ’ve done. Someone will buy the bags I made. Many people are making bags outside. Each bag is not very expensive. Although I think it should not be difficult to make, the total I feel very shy ... " When working with staff, they often find the staff to be humble and kind, and give people a full sense of warmth and simplicity. They often want to make some practical clothes, pants, bags, bags ... distributed to relatives and friends, When they invite the initial stage or every new product development, they often say, "No one will buy it ~" FOR TWENTY hopes that the work of the working people can be worked hard for more people to see, and let more people use the action to make the working people know: you are great! Really good! We dare not say that the products made by hand will be extremely delicate, and there is no difference in every stitch and every thread. But the products made by each hand are full of messages of the staff's intentions, temperature and hope to be praised! Bag by bag is also passed down from generation to generation, Handmade sewing products are a symbol of Mom ’s love for her daughter, Simplicity is also true, simple but generous, the important thing is-it contains the practice of love and sharing.


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