Free nature | natural plant ancient method blue dyed pure linen loose radish pants spring tapered pants

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Handmade, pure linen, narrow and wide pants, you don't feel restrained and restrained when wearing it, more casual s



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Free nature | natural plant ancient method blue dyed pure linen loose radish pants spring tapered pants

รายละเอียดสินค้า!!2666201503.jpg / Blossom from spring Fall to the fall Birds from the summer Snow drifting into winter /!!2666201503.jpg Radish pants: The narrow, wide and wide pants type, you don't feel restrained and restrained when wearing it, and the more casual style is wild. Process: In terms of cutting, the just fit of the waist greatly enhances the overall comfort, and the convergence of the calf and the overall droop are more suitable for Asians. In the fabric aspect, as always, the cotton and linen texture is used, and the skin will be more skin-friendly during the slow wearing process. The color and the blue dyed color will have different appearances according to the wearing habits of each person. The arrival of the early autumn is no longer as hot as the summer. It is the coolness of the shower. The thin and thick carrot pants are suitable for this season. You can attach a belt to raise the waist height to expose the ankle and you can not add anything. The effect will be better.!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg Tips : Traditional ancient plant blue dyeing, there will be color spots and unevenness. The color is unique, after multiple times of dip dyeing, drying, decolorizing, and finally became this rich and complex color that cannot be copied. Hand-dyed, can not guarantee the same for each piece, there will be color difference, please pay special attention. Wash with water, or silky neutral lotion, shower gel, hand wash, soft machine wash, plant dyed clothes will fade, please wash separately, do not expose to the sun, flip in the shade to dry Nanshan Grass Wood Dyeing Studio | Hand Dyeing!!2666201503.jpg The grass is blowing its leaves in the wind blowing its leaves It’s wonderful if we stand without speaking... -Gu Cheng!!2666201503.gif The blue dragonfly of Nanshan Caomu Dyeing Studio is a high-quality blue mud from the deep mountains of Guizhou. It is added with its own brewed rice wine to cultivate the dye liquor, which can be dyed after the fermentation is completed. - We promise: use natural plant to enhance color, dye by ancient method, hand-dyed, no chemical additives, it is normal to wash when washing. - Hand color separation, do not mix with other clothes. - Use a small amount of neutral detergent, gently rub without twisting and not twisting. - Dry in a cool, ventilated place, do not expose to dryness. If ironing is required, the temperature should be controlled below 120 degrees Celsius.!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg!!2666201503.jpg


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