Cameo brooch necklace Fairy charcoal gray sitting on a leaf wearing a hat

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Heart Bouquet
Heart Bouquet
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Cameo brooch necklace Fairy charcoal gray sitting on a leaf wearing a hat


A cute fairy cameo is made into a necklace and a brooch that can be used in 2 ways. The cameo is an acrylic cameo made of acrylic resin. Unlike shells and stone cameos, pictures are not made by sculpture, so delicate expressions that cannot be made by sculpture are made in a small area ♪ It is a delicate picture reminiscent of the fairy illustration of Cicely Mary Barker, which was once put in a chocolate box as an extra card in Japan. The design is a fairy who wears a bell-shaped flower as a hat and sits on a leaf. (Based on the image of these pictures, we are introducing a flower motif charm set as a "fairy hat" ♪) The top is a large size of 4 cm x 3 cm with only the cameo part. It is a size that allows you to fully enjoy delicate pictures in every detail. The paper underneath in the third photo is the size of a postcard. There is a brooch pin and a can on the back, so you can use it as a necklace. Since the can is small, we will attach a necklace chain that can be easily attached and detached with a heart-shaped crab can. If you attach it as a necklace with a brooch pin, you can use it without shaking. The color of the base and chain is matte white silver. The color of the heart-shaped crab can that connects the brooch and necklace is gold. I can't get a heart-shaped crab can of the same color, so I chose gold for a cute accent ^^ We will attach a silicon brooch stopper so that you can use it with confidence. Cameos with other patterns are also introduced on another page. ◇◇◇◇ Some cameos have small scratches and black spots. Please note. Silver is used to plate the brooch stand. To prevent discoloration, put it in a plastic bag with a zipper to remove air during storage. The back side of the brooch stand is partially whitish (4th photo). The cameo pedestal has small dents and holes on the edges (5th photo). Please note that it may not be very noticeable if you attach it. The photo is of Kinkobi, but it is the same. As each item is made by hand, the size and shape may differ slightly. This is a delicate work, so please handle it with care. Product images are taken in natural light unless otherwise specified. Size: <Brooch> Length approx. 4.5 cm x Width approx. 3.5 cm <Chain> approx. 65 cm (including fasteners and adjusters approx. 5 cm) Material: Resin, metal


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Resin cameo with a delicate fairy pattern


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