Art mirror flower long clip wallet mouth gold bag bag shoulder bag crossbody side backpack blue text bag

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บริการสั่งทำพิเศษเฉพาะลูกค้า, จำหน่ายเฉพาะบน Pinkoi
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I just want to take my mobile phone, small change, paper money, and card with you when I go out lightly. This gold pocket bag has the functions of a long clip, a mobile phone bag, and a coin purse.


WindGarden design

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Art mirror flower long clip wallet mouth gold bag bag shoulder bag crossbody side backpack blue text bag


**Commodity story** Quiet morning Sun shining into the dresser The background music is delicate and soft chanting Reflected in the round mirror is the retro and artistic girl No matter how noisy outside Teenage girls still focus on elegant life **design concept** [Romance x Imagination Burst] The triangle on the open side represents the imagination popped out of the small gap, To convey the girl's cleverness and personality that likes to make surprises. **size** Bag: 21cm wide / 11.5cm high, Japanese cloth long clip Inner bag: 4 compartments, 6 large zipper pockets, 6 card slots Strap: Genuine Leather, 66 ~ 120cm, Shoulder, Side, Crossbody **Featured details** Add an extra layer of cotton between the packages to slow down collisions and make them soft and comfortable Gold frame with hand-stitched mouth, feel 100% Japanese delicate small water jade cloth The round plant print is like a mirror, which circle the girl's artistic temperament Mobile phone, paper money, loose change, card, invoice, storage compartment at a glance! The zipper bag is movable, and it is more convenient to take it freely! The self-grinding leather back strap does not lose dandruff and can be adjusted in length. It is convenient to lift the back. The softness makes the lift time longer, which adds points to the user's texture. Go for a cup of coffee, read a book, and become the most comfortable Wen Qing! Carrying a small art bag, you wo n’t be tired all day shopping ~ Additional hand straps can be purchased → **Other colors**👉 **Attention** ⁎The color of each computer and mobile phone screen display is different, please focus on the actual product. 花 The fabric inside the bag may be different due to the consumption of inventory. The designer will try to make tailors with similar patterns and styles. Those who are perfect, please place an order carefully. ⁎If you have any questions about our design products, please contact the designer. **The mouth gold bag (bead buckle bag) is a kind of existence with elegant temperament. The design of the dishware is committed to bringing the beauty contained in the mouth gold bag into a special style in different ways, so that everyone who uses it can show it. Your own characteristics and imagination.** **The design of the dishware adheres to the spirit of innovation, so the package is only produced in a small amount and in a limited amount, so that those who seek for characteristics take away the unique beauty of the hand.**



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