Grapefruit handmade glaze-essential oil bottle / scent bottle necklace-little clover (flat bottle)

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Grapefruit handmade glaze-essential oil bottle / scent bottle necklace-little clover-double-sided suit (flat bottle)



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Grapefruit handmade glaze-essential oil bottle / scent bottle necklace-little clover (flat bottle)


Come to a little clover when you are happy ~ (turn ~) Come to a little clover when sad, woo Whenever I like to be accompanied by Clover Looking at it, the mood is inexplicably better ~~~ ■ The bottle has a flat shape, but it will still have a basic thickness (refer to Figure 2) ■ Due to the lighting, there will be white lines refracted by the light in the photo, not the bottle pattern ■ The color of glaze firing does not necessarily appear to be diluted, unlike the brush that can accurately draw accurate border patterns ■ The bottle cap is equipped with anti-drop chain, not afraid that the cap will not be found ■ Art copper wire will naturally oxidize and change color after being used for a period of time ■ The main function is to smell the fragrance, not to install a lot of it, maybe only a little more! ■ There is loose powder inside, it is normal to wipe off off-white (Because of high temperature firing, the powder may also be presented in different levels of color such as coffee, black ...) ■ Natural cork, there will be small black holes or lines formed naturally ■ The complicated and urgent work of essential oil bottle work, please choose other works or private message to confirm whether there are ready-made products ★ The grapefruit forest handmade glaze is advocating the earth environmental protection + hermit crab exchange home activity. In order to protect the mother Earth who is pregnant with us, we do not actively provide gorgeous packaging, all use simple packaging and paper bags, if you want to give it away, please actively inform the need for packaging ★ For the remaining precautions, please read "Design Museum Story" on the right ★ 14 days is the working period for the production of works, international letters may exceed 14 days ★ Friends who mind the above situation, please do not bid / Size / Refer to Figure 3 (error about + -2mm) / Chain rope / ★ Please tell us the number of chains + length when referring to the subscript of this anti-allergic steel chain (please refer to Figure 4) Chain thickness connection: [If there is no special designation, all will be sent by the No. 2 18-inch chain] There are 12 chain models to choose one No. 1 chain has 16 inches and 18 inches. 20 inches can be selected No. 2 chain has 18 inches. 20 inches. 22 inches can be selected The 3rd chain has 16 inches and 18 inches. The 4th chain has 16 inches and 18 inches to choose from The 5th chain has 16 inches and 18 inches. 20 inches and 22 inches can be selected. The 6th chain has 16 inches 18 inches. 20 inches. 22 inches can be selected The 7th chain has 16 inches and 18 inches. 20 inches can be selected Coffee. Green. Black. Sapphire. Red (Korean wax line) 16 inches ~ 26 inches can be selected Rope width about 0.3mm / Inch length cm conversion / 16 inches: about 38cm + -2mm 18 inches: about 46.5cm + -2mm 20 inches: about 50.5cm + -2mm 22 inches: about 55cm + -2mm 24 inches: about 60cm + -2mm 26 inches: about 65cm + -2mm * The steel chain may be out of stock sometimes, please use the internal letter to ask if there is any stock / Materials / Hand-fired glaze + Czech crystal + anti-allergic steel chain + imported art copper wire / Maintenance / Do not hit the glazed part very strongly. Generally, the impact is less harmful but it is also recommended not to (such as accidentally falling to the ground) The joint at the end of the chain is a C-shaped ring. Pulling will cause the seam to become large and loose. Do not pull vigorously The cap part can be opened and dried occasionally. / brand introduction/ Each glass bead lives with an elf, if she likes you, she will smile at you Let you also like her to be happy every day The "glaze" that requires 1300 degrees of fire to quench the chain is a treasure that God has given to fire. The glaze that the grapefruit forest handmade glaze wants to present is not only a decoration, but also a small piece of art that can be dissolved in life. Among them, there is a unique tenacity Origin / manufacturing methods Exclusive design made by hand-made glaze designer of grapefruit forest


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