Essence Bird's Nest Firming and Whitening Serum-40ml

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High-concentration bird's nest essence + lighthouse jellyfish type 5 collagen that can plump the skin, combined with Japan's unique 5 plant extract whitening formula, can improve the dullness of the skin and regain a translucent, firm and shiny feeling.


Akasha Natura & enrbeauty

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Essence Bird's Nest Firming and Whitening Serum-40ml


Validity period: 2021/8/22 **[Commercially available as a combination of "High Concentration Bird's Nest Essence" + "Lighthouse Jellyfish Collagen"]** **Imported from Japan-High Concentration Bird's Nest Essence** Repair skin, make skin shiny, relieve skin discomfort, and maintain skin health. **Imported from France-Beacon Jellyfish Collagen (with patents in the six EU countries)** The lighthouse jellyfish is born with the ability to regenerate and is the only immortal creature on the earth. Using special technology, rapid freezing extracts the fifth type of collagen (Fibrillin), which is only found in young and newborn cells, to soothe dry skin, maintain moisture, improve skin comfort, and plump skin. **Special addition:** **Japan Maruzen® Plant Extract Whitening Formula (Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, Mulberry Bark, Glycyrrhiza flavonoids, Artemisia serrata, Jujube)** Perfectly condenses 5 plant extracts, which can improve dullness and make skin white and bright. **【main ingredient】** Bird's Nest Extract, Beacon Jelly Type V Collagen (Patented in Six EU Countries), Maruzen® Compound Whitening Essence (Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Extract, Mulberry Bark Extract, Licorice Flavonoids, Artemisia Serrata Extract, Jujube Extract), Sugar-based Trehalose, Methyl glucitol polyether, provitamin B5, vitamin B3, plant complex, chamomile extract, comfrey extract allantoin, hyaluronic acid, organic aloe extract, plant extract essential oil (thyme, sweet orange, grapefruit, bergamot , Lemon, ylang) **【Other Features】** • The texture is refreshing, light and thin, no need to rinse, easy to use, and it keeps moisturizing every other day. • Specially tuned 6 kinds of pure plant essential oils, the taste is fresh, healing, and chemical-free. • The product process uses RO pure water, which is filtered by 8 programs of living water. • No added alcohol, no coloring, no fragrance, no acid, giving the skin the most gentle protection. • Don't overpack, start with the concept of environmental protection, and work with you to maintain the earth. **【Instructions】** 1. Clean your face and put on lotion 2. Take an appropriate amount and apply it all over the face and neck 3. Pat the face gently until fully absorbed, no need to rinse **[EN'R Essence Bird's Nest] Maintenance series application program** We advocate simple maintenance, as long as you eat good and enough nutrients for your skin, maintenance does not require bottles. When wiping the essence of bird's nest products, please adjust the dosage and maintenance program according to your skin condition. day: 1. Toner (use or not according to each person's situation) 2. The essence of bird's nest firming and whitening essence 3. Essence bird's nest full-effect compound nourishing oil (wipe your hands and rub on the whole face or dry parts of the face, massage for about 30 seconds until absorbed) night: 1. Toner (use or not according to each person's situation) 2. The essence of bird's nest firming and whitening essence 3. Essence bird's nest lighthouse jellyfish gel mask Night-when dry or relaxing: Add the essence of bird's nest complex nourishing oil between 2 and 3 above (Wipe your hands and rub on the whole face or dry areas, massage for about 30 seconds until absorbed) Spoil yourself 1-2 times a week or take a plane, first aid: Essential Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jellyfish Mask **[Contents]**40ml * No returns are accepted after opening **[Bird's Nest Skin Care] ~ Bird's Nest Skin Care with a resume~** • Strictly select highly concentrated bird's nest essence imported from Japan, extracted by professional technology, and inspected by the original factory. • The only skin care product on the market with "Bird's Nest Essence (Imported from Japan) + Lighthouse Jellyfish Collagen (from France)". • Combined with an effective moisturizing formula, it is easier to be absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin soft and supple. • Insist on no added alcohol, coloring, flavor, carefully selected raw materials, gentle and safe use. • We give the skin the most true care and nourishment, so that you can have the happiness of natural beautiful skin. **Selected as a new featured brand of "Chinese We Media and Blog Association" "Taiwan Perfection"** * Made in Taiwan, German ISO22716 / Cosmetic GMP international certification * High-concentration bird's nest essence Japanese factory inspection report * Passed SGS 4 major heavy metals, no fluorescent agent, and sterile inspection * Insured product liability insurance


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