Kiri no Sake Masu Hakata Top

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It is "Fukumasu Masu" with a motif of Fukuoka origin with the theme of Fukuoka. Besides serving as a regular sake bowl, it can also be used as a bowl of food, a small stationary, a small case, a display, or a rice bowl for rice.



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Kiri no Sake Masu Hakata Top


"Fukumasu Masu" with a motif of Fukuoka origin with the theme of Fukuoka Besides serving as a regular sake bowl, it can also be used as a bowl of food, a small stationary, a small case, a display, or a rice bowl for rice. As it is waterproof, it can be cleaned almost like a tableware. The rounded sides make it a cute and easy-to-hold Masu. Masuda Kiri box store's new printing technique, "Tsunagi printing", has realized a beautiful pattern in which the patterns are connected inside the box. [Fukumasu Hakata Top] A pattern with the motif of Hakata Top, the origin of top music. This is an acrobatics that has been recognized by the imperial family, shoguns, and the world's top, by using a string on the hand to establish the top of the song. It consists of a beautiful rotating body pattern of Hakata Top with a history of more than 470 years. The spinning top looks like a geometric pattern and is very beautiful. It is a popular item as a gift because of the naming of "Masu", where "fortune" is "increased" from Fukuoka-born sake boxes. ● Material Body: paulownia [urethane finish] ● Size w83mm x d83mm x h56mm ● Handle Hakata Top ● Care ・Since it is waterproofed, it will not stain even if you put a little water, but it may cause stains if you keep soy sauce or other things with a strong color or water. I will. ・If it is washed with a dishwasher or a hard scrubber, the box may be damaged or waterproofed. We recommend using a mild detergent and cleaning with a soft part of the sponge. ● Characteristics of paulownia Kiri is the lightest wood in Japan. Since the cell wall is thin and the air layer inside is large, it is softer and more elastic than other woods. The wood itself has some resilience, but paulownia has high ability. Has the power to restore even a slight scratch or dent. It is porous and is made up of dense, bubble-like independent tissues, is not easily affected by outside air, and has excellent heat retention and heat insulation properties. The shrinkage rate of paulownia wood is very small, so there is little misalignment or cracking in the design, it can be processed with precision, and it is a wood with little dimensional change. Since there is little error in the design, you can make boxes without gaps. In hot and humid Japan, paulownia has long been used as a chest of drawers for gifts and as a gift box. One of the attractions is that the wood grain is beautiful and you can enjoy aging just like leather products if you use it carefully. ● What is kirihaco? Masuda Kiri box store has been manufacturing Kiri box for about 90 years in Koga city, Fukuoka prefecture. We are researching every day so that you can choose the type of paulownia and how to assemble it according to the purpose of the box. We have also developed and proposed a unique processing method to make the box beautiful and attractive. As part of the manufacturing process, we have adopted the concept of "a paulownia box that can be incorporated into our daily lives," and we have been carrying out product development as a [kirihaco project] with the owner of the Fukuoka lifestyle tool store.


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