Olive wood - shell shape portable comb

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1. No splicing, no paint, whole piece of olive wood 2. Mediterranean olive wood century manor air direct delivery 3. Doe


Into The Woods Olivewoods

Into The Woods Olivewoods เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Olive wood - shell shape portable comb


Size: total length about 10 width 4-5 cm
Material: olive wood
Origin: Tunisia

(This product is a personal hygiene product. To ensure your health rights, no return service is provided after sale.)

Olive wood products are hand-cut whole wood pieces, in order to find out the degree of application of each piece of wood, the most beautiful angle with the surface of the wood, the cutting size will be a little drop, a little product edge will have processed veneer, each product They are all unique and they are more purely hand-made. Combs have no paint, so it is safer to contact with the human body. If the frequency of using this product is high, the wood will be brighter due to contact with the body scalp and other self-oil; if there is no high-frequency use, it is recommended to regularly maintain the oil protection product.

**Maintenance and use**

When you visit the forest, all the olive wood products are natural raw materials. Before shipment, you have soaked the maintenance oil. The color will show beeswax. Therefore, after the first few cleanings, the color will become relatively light, which is normal. Oiled maintenance actions restore natural color.
During the first few cleanings, olive wood products will be washed/wiped off with a light yellow-brown natural substance or maintenance oil. This is a natural phenomenon. Please use it with confidence.
⠂ When cleaning, rinse with warm or cold water, with a soft cleaning tool; after cleaning, wipe the remaining moisture dry, and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.
⠂ If the product is contaminated with stench, use cold water and white vinegar to scrub and rinse.
染色 If there is any dyeing concern (for example, steak), use a baking soda to scrub, and then wipe the stained area with a rag or brush.
⠂ Do not expose directly to sunlight, or place it in a humid environment with rapid temperature changes.
⠂ Do not use in a dishwasher, pan, or oven.
⠂ Regular maintenance: It is recommended that the surface of the product be preserved with a food-grade wood maintenance oil or natural beeswax every month to maintain its natural luster.


No matter if the wood is more advanced, as long as they are kept in the water for a long time or cannot be dried, they may be moldy, and the wood will be whitened after being exposed to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, we all store the olive wood products indoors; between each product, size, weight, There is a slight drop in thickness and pattern because she is not a product pressed by the machine. She can see the beautiful appearance of the wooden knots and natural holes.


Origin / manufacturing methods
Tunisia/Woodworking Machines Manually Made Individually


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