[Pinkoi x Hello Kitty] 【Limited Edition】Automatic Pop-Up Tent

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Pinkoi x Hello Kitty
Pinkoi x Hello Kitty
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[Pinkoi x Hello Kitty] 【Limited Edition】Automatic Pop-Up Tent


**※ Things to know before purchasing ※** ✓ This is a pre-order product. Due to the epidemic situation, delivery may be delayed, please wait patiently. ✓ Combined checkout, coupons, first purchase discounts, P Coins or any other discounts from Pinkoi cannot be used with this item. Only first purchase in APP shipping discounts may be used on this item. ✓ This product is part of the Pinkoi x Hello Kitty Limited Collaboration. Quantities are limited. -------- **|Pinkoi x Hello Kitty Limited Collaboration|Bring some art into your life and find unique moments of inspiration.** This collaboration is a combination of two concepts: Hello Kitty’s “accompanying every person from every generation every day” and Pinkoi’s “Design the way you are”. We’ve partnered with local Hong Kong design studio PRO-INZIGHT to launch a series of limited edition products that blend Hello Kitty’s classic cute designs with a more mature flair that adults are sure to love. Inspired by “the art of living” and classic artwork, we’ve deconstructed Hello Kitty while retaining key elements to create designs that strike a balance between concrete and abstract. Add a touch of art to your everyday life with Pinkoi and Hello Kitty! ***\ Picnic Essentials /*** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51869483683_9c0384fd93_o.jpg --- **Pinkoi x Hello Kitty Limited Collaboration** **|Art of Living Hello Kitty - Automatic Pop-Up Tent|** This exclusive Pinkoi x Hello Kitty automatic pop-up tent is perfect for spending time outdoors. No matter if it’s camping, a picnic on the grass, or day at the beach, enjoy outdoor activities in any weather! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51869399631_cc1de8acfd_o.jpg This tent is also great for kids! While having fun at the park, it’s the perfect place to take a rest, and at home, it’s a secret fort for games and more! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51868437062_746be37b14_o.jpg **Pinkoi x Hello Kitty Limited Collaboration Automatic Pop-Up Tent** ‧ One piece design, easy to store, opens in seconds. ‧ UV protection: blocks over 90% of UV rays. ‧ Easy to carry: the entire tent weighs only 1 kg. ‧ Made of breathable fabric, suitable for outdoor use. ‧ Inner roof of the tent is equipped with straps for hanging items. Intuitive to use, this tent features a unique circular design that enhances its portability. It’s the perfect companion for spending time in the great outdoors. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51869484178_12ea8593bc_o.jpg --- ※ How to Fold and Store the Tent ※ 1. Grasp the top and bottom of the tent. 2. Press the two sides together. 3. Make sure the fabric is sandwiched in between the two sides. 4. Grasp the top of the tent with your right hand (palm down) and the bottom of the tent with your left hand (palm up). 5. Twist your right hand outwards, pulling it towards your belly, while twisting your left hand inwards until the tent collapses into a circular shape. 6. Gather up any exposed fabric. 7. Place the tent into its storage bag. -- [ Product Specifications ] Name: Pinkoi x Hello Kitty Automatic Pop-Up Tent/Earth Tones Dimensions (Open): 150 x 165 x 100 cm Dimensions (Closed): 45 x 45 x 3 cm Material: 190T Polyester Weight: 1,000 g [ Precautions ] ※ This tent’s pop-up design allows it to be set up instantly when opened, without the need for any further assembly. ※ Please do not wash the tent in a washing machine. You can hand wash it using water and non-alkaline detergents in order to avoid damaging it’s waterproofing. ※ Please do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron the tent in order to avoid damaging its material. ※ After cleaning, please place the tent in a well ventilated location to dry. Please ensure that the tent is completely dry before packing or storing it, in order to prevent mildew from developing. ※ Please store the tent in a cool, dry place. ※ Please avoid cooking or smoking in the tent. ※ To avoid danger of suffocation, keep the plastic packaging bag away from babies and children. Do not use the bag in cribs, carriages, or playpens. The bag is not a toy. ※ Photos of the product are for reference only. The actual colour of the product may differ slightly.


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Inspired by “the art of living” and classic artwork, we’ve deconstructed Hello Kitty while retaining key elements to create designs that strike a balance between concrete and abstract. Add a touch of art to your everyday life with Pinkoi and Hello Kitty!


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