Natural Small Amethyst Town Amethyst Cluster Amethyst Home Office Healing Ornaments Erasable Bracelet

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คริสตัล อื่นๆ สีม่วง - Natural Small Amethyst Town Amethyst Cluster Amethyst Home Office Healing Ornaments Erasable Bracelet


【product name】 Natural Little Amethyst Town Amethyst Cluster Amethyst Home Office Decoration Degaussable Bracelet 【Material】 Natural ore small amethyst town amethyst cluster amethyst home office decoration degaussable bracelet [Original shipment] 【Product desciption】 Amethyst clusters in Little Amethyst Town can condense the magnetic field inside the house, which helps to attract blessings and prevent evil and ensure good luck and safety. The amethyst cluster has a strong magnetic field, which can demagnetize and purify jewelry such as crystal bracelets and pendants. In addition, it also has the functions of protecting against evil spirits, increasing wisdom, calming emotions, and preventing radiation. It is also suitable for placing offices as feng shui ornaments. Amethyst represents high-frequency love in the spirit, symbolizing stability and peace of mind, corresponding to the brow chakra, which can bring inspiration and wisdom. Amethyst is the "guardian Stone of love", which can give lovers and couples deep love, chastity, honesty and courage. The love that represents Gao Jie's steadfastness is often used as a love Stone for lovers. Amethyst can inspire wisdom, stimulate creativity, enhance confidence, and stabilize emotions. Especially suitable for art workers, writing workers, business workers and students. To enhance creativity, insight into the world, improve intuition and subconsciousness, the development of eyebrow chakra is very suitable for workers who need to use their brains. 【About Bracelet Degaussing】 Crystal is a natural ore with natural vibration frequency. After mining, transportation, cutting, design, polishing, packaging, sales and other procedures, many people have been contacted in the process, and a lot of messy memory energy naturally remains; in order to let the crystal "clear "Memory" and energy recovery, so it needs degaussing and purification. The purpose of purifying the crystal is to eliminate the memory remaining in the crystal, so that when you wear it, you can fit yourself to the crystal magnetic field, and then by activating the crystal's natural oscillation frequency expansion projection function, a larger magnetic field can be formed. The bracelet can be placed on the natural small amethyst town amethyst cluster amethyst for demagnetization. Degauss at least six hours each time, preferably one night. It is recommended to demagnetize 1-2 times every other month or so. The bracelet in the picture is for 6mm photo display, buy the bracelet without the picture! [About the natural small amethyst town amethyst cluster] Natural crystals and minerals are naturally formed, and it is inevitable that there will be ice cracks, clouds, lack of minerals, and corners of the rock layer. Please understand the natural minerals before buying them. If you are a perfectionist, please think carefully before deciding to buy. Thank you ^^ [About size] The highest [length] is about 6.5cm, the width is about 5cm, and the thickness is about 4.5cm Manual measurement will have an error of 1~3cm. Please understand! ^^ The size is natural small amethyst town amethyst cluster, please confirm the size before buying, thank you^^ [About packaging] Shipment are attached fitter small gift box packaging Free log base [The log base is shipped randomly] 【About shipping】 If you are ordering from Taiwan, please choose the method of delivery directly~ This product is Hong Kong and Macau friends all use SF Express freight on delivery, please choose SF Express freight on delivery when placing your order. Thank you ^^ 【About maintenance】 The natural small amethyst amethyst cluster has not been excessively polished, optimized and processed, so the magnetic field is strong and does not need to be demagnetized. There are many small crystal teeth on the amethyst amethyst cluster, and the energy can be continuously circulated and updated, so it is No external help is needed. 【About cleaning】 Over time, it is inevitable that there will be dust on the natural amethyst amethyst clusters, usually clean it with a soft brush and lightly brush the surface dust, or you can rinse it with clean water, wipe it with olive oil or mineral maintenance oil, but do not add chemical substances to clean or Soak, so as not to damage the crystals and crystal teeth. 【Intimate Service】 Before shipment, it will be cleaned, cleaned and oiled before shipment. Friends who bought it can be placed directly after receiving it~ Thank you^^


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Natural small amethyst town amethyst clusters can be used as ornaments and degaussing bracelets.


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