[Give to the teacher] Seven-day firewood firewood teacup natural ash falling famous artist Ye Minxiang handmade

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เครื่องลายคราม ถ้วย - [Give to the teacher] Seven-day firewood firewood teacup natural ash falling famous artist Ye Minxiang handmade


→Work introduction Due to the seven days and nights of heating, the overall kiln has undergone great changes, and the green body is more likely to deform under the condition of high temperature for a long time. deformed by the natural conditions. We have tried our best to convey the deformation situation with photos. People who are used to the very regular industrial products, please think twice before placing an order; or send us a private message to provide photos from more angles. Firewood is one of the oldest methods of firing ceramics. It mainly uses wood as fuel. It takes four days of firing to reach the target temperature, and the ashes and grease after burning wood become the quality of every piece of firewood. The unique coat of the work is the so-called falling ash, which is also the so-called "one color enters the kiln and comes out of the kiln with many colors". The artistic value of firewood is needless to say, the unique ash of firewood makes it impossible for two works to be exactly the same in the world. Uniqueness is the most admirable part of firewood, so the creation of firewood can best demonstrate the character of the author , It can also highlight the artistic vision of the Tibetans. Firewood firing can be roughly divided into unglazed firing and glazed firing. Unglazed means that the adobe is fired directly without glaze, showing the most rustic texture of wood fired. Adding the effect of different glazes, the fired works are ever-changing. In addition to the artistic value of firewood burning, due to the attachment of natural carbon during firing, whether the firewood burning vessel is used to boil water or drink tea, it can make the tea drink sweeter and clearer. Attributes, let firewood not only have ornamental value, but also enhance the practical attributes. Therefore, a good wood-burning work should not only look good, but also be easy to use. Mr. Ye has carefully adjusted each work with years of experience, so that each work can be smooth and durable. →Work specifications Seven Days Firewood Firewood Tea Cup Capacity about 100cc 6.5x6.9x5.7 (LWH cm) →Purchase Notes *Most of the products in this design hall are handmade, and the glaze or ash of each work is different. This is also the charm of pottery, so a single work will not be replenished when it is sold out, and it will not be found. I found exactly the same work, so if there is a work I like that is bought by others, it is a pity that I can only choose other works in the design hall, please forgive me! Or contact the designer to see if there are similar works. *The size is measured by hand, and the error may be within 0.5 cm *The work may have some traces during the production process, so the works are all handmade or semi-handmade, and there will be more or less traces of operation. *During the firing process, there may be some natural distribution of glaze and ash, which is purely normal. This is also emphasized by natural glaze. Ceramics are inherently natural. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us privately. *The product was shot in a studio, and the light and environment have been adjusted, but no post-production methods have been used. Please refer to the actual product color, which cannot be regarded as a defect. →Introduction of the author 【Ye Minxiang】Teacher Under the tutelage of Professor Wu Yutong ◎Experience 1979 Leader of the Kiln Department of Sanxitang Ceramics Company 1986 Founder of Xiangyi Ceramics Club 1993 Consultant of Qiantangxuan Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. In 1998, Xinzhu Pottery Co., Ltd. Thailand factory glaze technical guidance 1998 Master of pottery at Yingge Industrial and Commercial Vocational School 2001 Consultant of Shandong Factory of Qiantangxuan Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. 2002 Vice President of Jiaxing Quanyou Craft Products Co., Ltd. 2003 Production Manager of Shanghai Qidong Huatai Ceramic Products Co., Ltd. 2005 Glaze Technical Guidance for Malaysia Specialty Ceramics Company ◎Exhibited works 1995 Professor Wu Yutang's teacher-student joint exhibition 2010 Taiwan Ceramic Museum Crystal Glaze Evaluation Exhibition (Product Name: Crystal Color Series Six-Color Cup) 2011 Taiwan Ceramic Museum New Ceramics Appraisal Exhibition (Name: Tianqing Rupin) 2011 Taiwan Ceramics Museum Taiwan Ceramics Brand Classic Exhibition (name: crystal color series six-color cup) 2012 Taiwan Ceramic Museum Ceramic Art Gold Medal (Name: Happiness) 2012 Taiwan Excellent Handicraft Evaluation (Product Name: Happiness) 2012 Taiwan Life Craft Design Competition Food Culture Creative Commodities (Product Name: Yu Zhong You Yu) 2013 Taiwan's excellent handicrafts were selected (Xiangyi Ceramics Co., Ltd.) 2013 Taiwan Yingge Burning Brand Plan-Special Tableware Evaluation Exhibition (Tianqing-Lucky Tea Set) 2013 Taiwan Yingge Burning Brand Plan - Specialty Tableware Evaluation Exhibition (Tianmu Iron Spot Glazed Bowl) 2013 Taiwan Excellent Handicraft Evaluation Certificate (tea pattern thread incense plate) 2014 Taiwan Creative Life‧Ceramics New Product Appraisal Exhibition-(Curved Teapot Tea Set) 2014 Taiwan Yingge Ware Brand Plan-Trademark Authorization Evaluation-(tea pattern thread incense plate) 2014 Taiwan Yingge Ware Brand Plan-Trademark Authorization Evaluation-(Perfect Tea Set) 2014 Taiwan Yingge Burning Brand Plan-Trademark Authorization Evaluation-(Cup with tea leaves) 2014 New Taipei City, Taiwan Top Ten High-quality Souvenirs Creative Life Group Award-(Happiness Tea Set) 2015 Taiwan Yingge Burning Brand Plan-Trademark Authorization Evaluation-(Yuya Pot) 2015 Taiwan Yingge Burning Brand Plan-Trademark Authorization Evaluation-(Tianmu Cup-Golden, Red Gold, Green Gold, a total of 3 types) 2015 Taiwan Yingge Ware Brand Plan-Trademark Authorization Evaluation-(Happiness Tea Set) 2016 New Taipei City, Taiwan Top Ten High-quality Souvenir Creative Life Group Award-(Lucky Tea Set) 2020 "2020 New Taipei City Featured Products Selection" "Gaiwan Tea Set" was shortlisted in the Good Life Group →Design Hall Story Taiwan Yingge's local ceramic studio, the design and production are absolutely rooted in Taiwan, providing beautiful and practical ceramic coffee utensils. A number of Taiwanese masters with decades of experience have integrated traditional pottery craftsmanship with coffee culture, making coffee and beauty a part of life. In addition, our master potters also have many years of experience in producing tea sets and hand-drawn utensils. The Natural Glaze Cultural and Creative Studio will also simultaneously sell exquisite tea sets and handmade ceramic products.


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Generally speaking, firewood kilns are fired for three to four days and nights, but this batch of firewood works launched by Natural Glaze are rarer, more difficult to fire, and the degree of ash fall is higher. , the crystalline state is better, and it is a work worthy of collection.


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