Pear smoke pencil

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"Grafting is a feature of Taiwan's agriculture. It also represents a close connection between the two countries and establishes a link with the land."



ririren เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Pear smoke pencil


**The pear of the pear pen is not only a pear, but a "high pear" that is unique to Taiwan in the world.**

High-pear pears are not a variety of pears. They refer to all kinds of pears grown by grafting. Taiwanese farmers are usually pears or pears on pear trees in low-altitude areas. They are grafted from the pear fields of Taiwan or the pears of Japan and China. The common varieties are emerging, autumn water and abundant water. Therefore, it is a characteristic of Taiwan agriculture to plant temperate varieties in the subtropical region.

**The smoke of the pear pen is a smoke that throws a heavy burden on the earth. "Pear smoke" means leaving the smoke to make the agricultural waste no longer burn.**

When picking pears, the pear stems are covered with insulating tape for grafting, baggings that contain "wet strength agents" and waxes that cannot be recycled, and entangled iron wires. These large amounts of agricultural waste have been used by farmers in the past for accumulation or open burning. The burden of the environment. Therefore, we need to internalize external costs and find a balance between farming and the environment.

First, look for environmentally-friendly materials to help farmers convert their methods through their own testing and data collection.
Second, provide efficient recycling methods, match environmental protection units and local farmers.
Third, the abandonment of the abandonment, the existing pear-shaped pens made of pear stems and the agricultural tourism and hand-made experience extended by the abandonment of the issue, in addition to let the behavior be seen, also allows the farmers to have different identities and sources of income.

**The pen of the pear pen is made by the manual staff, retaining the uniqueness of each pear stem, giving you the only pencil in the world.**

Pear cigarette pen, won the Taichung ten companion ceremony, each pen is handmade, in order to retain the graft and log features, you need to use a variety of tools, tailored to the different styles, care about the texture and care about the time cost of the manual staff In addition to its unique appearance and environmental protection concept, it also brings you a great writing experience.

**Customizable range**
General specifications: the total length of the refill is 6-7 cm, the length of the pen is about 15 cm, and the length of the pen is about 10 cm.
Appearance: You can choose to ship randomly, or**message preference for appearance**, such as long/short/rough/thin, because the stalks are different in shape, the craftsman will try to meet your needs, if so Wait a long time and will contact you actively.
Marking options:
1. Gift box packaging, increase price 30 yuan
2. Laser engraving, one Chinese character 10 yuan, with five characters as the upper limit, and English in Chinese characters.

**Use maintenance attention**
Avoid avoiding extreme moisture in the wood. It is still possible to damage the wood. It can be maintained with general wood oil/wax. Paint products are less suitable.


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