Blue eyes blue eyes postcard set - with a small card can be used as a bookmark - exchange gifts

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Blue eyes blue eyes postcard set - with a small card can be used as a bookmark - exchange gifts


**//design intent //** This is a metaphorical series of works Relieve a depressing situation through blue eyes Creatures in melancholy eyes look like "some creatures", but not quite Want to express various melancholy situations in life that "seem like this but are not the same" People often misunderstand or judge others based on clips, so misunderstandings or losses emerge in an endless stream Unspeakable melancholy arises spontaneously. **//Design Inspiration//** This is a piece of artwork from the Metaphorical series Blue eyes have set us free from melancholy and depression. Within an organism's melancholic gaze, a shadow of "certain organism" Is cast. However, it does not completely intend to express the melancholy of " being seemingly alike, yet slightly different " in life. Making snap judgments or stereotyping is a common human trait that leads to incessant misunderstandings and disappointment. Thus, silent melancholy arises. **//Product Concept/Design Inspiration//** [Embracing the Melancholic Gaze] Concept / The concept of [Embracing the Melancholic Gaze] Animal murmurs: I'm sharp, but I also need hugs -No matter how strong or sharp people seem, they also need timely care and hugs- “I am tough but I still need hugs,” murmur the animals. -People who seem strong and intense are also in need of the warmth and care that comes from a timely embrace.- [The Encouraging Melancholic Gaze] Concept / The concept of [The Encouraging Melancholic Gaze] The animal murmured: I have worked very hard, can you wish me well, don't ask me to cheer again? -Sometimes I was told "Come on" after trying my best, it's like saying I'm not working hard enough- I have done my best. Is it possible to just wish me “God speed” instead of encouraging me? - Even though I risked my old bones, I can still hear somebody saying “fighting”, sounding like I have not worked hard- [The Neglected Melancholic Gaze] Concept / The Concept of [Neglected Melancholic Gaze] The animal murmured: I just want a response, can you not ignore me -The busy and fast pace of life often makes the needy or important people feel unappreciated- I just want to receive a response. Could you please not ignore me? -The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes those in need, or those important folks feel neglected- [Expressive Melancholic Gaze] Concept / The Concept of [The Expressive Melancholic Gaze] The animal murmured: I just want to express my thoughts, not a broken translator -Sometimes the words you say are translated into words that are not what you intended or misrepresented as misinterpreted appearances- I just want to express my thoughts. I do not want a broken pocket translator. - Something that was said is frequently misinterpreted or distorted through a communication breakdown; our original intent fails to be clearly and completely expressed. – The Concept of [The Questioning Melancholic Gaze] Animal murmurs: I've been here, but guessing that I'm in a deviation -When you don't do anything, speculative eyes still say "how can you do this"- I am always here but speculation said that I always go awry. -As you do nothing, the Questioning Melancholic Gaze would still ask, “How can you do this?” **//Product specifications//** [Blue eyes] Postcard group, contents: 1. Postcard*5 (one each for the melancholy gaze of hugs/the melancholy gaze of cheering up/the melancholy gaze of neglect/expressive melancholy gaze/the presumed melancholy gaze) 2. Unbreakable concept photocard*5 (one for each postcard) 3. Melancholy Eye Design Concept Sticker*1 Ideal as a gift, gift or collectible Size: postcard 10.8x15cm / concept photo card 4.2x7.5cm Origin/manufacturing method Made/Designed in Taiwan [The Blue-eyed Melancholic Gaze] postcard combos include: 1. Postcards *5 2. Small sturdy cards *5 (each type of postcard is included in the combo) 3. Melancholic Gaze Stickers*1 They can serve as presents, souvenirs or collectables. Size: Postcard 10.8x15cm / Small Card 4.2x7.5cm Place of Production/ Method of Production Designed / made in Taiwan


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There are complete boxes of Blue Eyes Postcards and a full set of healing gifts waiting for you to take home.


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