Milimit creative DIY wooden sensor bracelet cat meat ball black leisure card card

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Milimit creative DIY wooden sensor bracelet cat meat ball black leisure card card


__Commissioned installation__ This product is the starting point to experience DIY, and experience the fun of creation in the process, but everyone has different ideas , So if you don’t want to install it, you can entrust us to help, and you can discuss the card type and other matters by private message before or after the purchase! **Wooden induction bracelet** Thanks to technology, modern people can't live without food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment every day. However, technology always comes from human nature, and the application of technology does not only increase convenience. The starting point of this product is to use the proximity cards (youyou cards or all-in-one cards) currently on the market. The shapes presented are mostly straps or cards, but I always feel that it is not so light and convenient. Since ancient times, wood is the closest material to people, and it is also one of the oldest materials in the world. Therefore, I wanted to combine the texture of wood and put the sensing mechanism into the product and minimize it, so the DIY wooden sensor bracelet The idea was born. When modern technology is combined with ancient materials, people can have close contact with natural wood materials in the technology of modern civilization. **Experience DIY self-made, create the bracelet you want** Wearing the bracelet on your hand has the advantage that it can reduce the action of finding cards, and people who are accustomed to wearing bracelets, because this will not forget to bring the card or lose the card. This time, the easy DIY method is specially added to let consumers On the one hand, you can experience the fun of wood making in the simplest way. On the other hand, of course, you can buy the proximity card you want to use and DIY it into your wristband. Because there are so many proximity cards on the market, you can’t help consumers decide. , So self-determination is also the spirit of DIY. In order to enhance the interactivity of the products owned by oneself, this project decided to implement the DIY spirit, experience the fun of self-making, learning, and sharing, and create unlimited resonance in the DIY process, so that everyone can become a creator. Appearance Cat Meat Ball **Applicable proximity card** Due to the many types of proximity cards on the market, our team currently only conducts actual tests on the Youyou Card and All-in-One Card. The test results have been verified to achieve the expected effect of this function. Investors are advised to use them with confidence. Other types of proximity cards are currently in the testing stage, so it is not applicable to other proximity cards. Please forgive me. In addition, some access control card tests can also be used. **Dimension measurement method** You can cut the paper into strips, circle your wrist, cut the length of the anastomosis, and measure the length. **Specification Table** • Box body: boxed bracelet • Ring color: ebony or red rosewood or beech • Size: Please refer to the size table • Weight: 2~4g • Tool kit: de-lighting water/wood stick/wood glue/protective oil **Precautions** __preservation method__ 1. This product uses natural wood materials. It is recommended to use wood guard oil for cleaning and maintenance. 2. Do not wash with water or chemicals. 3. Please avoid storing in high temperature and excessive humidity. The pictures of the products are all taken from real products. Due to factors such as the environment, lighting, and shooting angles, some chromatic aberrations occur. Therefore, consumers are requested to take the actual received products as the standard. Please forgive me! Origin/manufacturing method Made in Taiwan handmade


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This is a DIY sensory bracelet, you can modify the card by yourself or you can card it into the bracelet You can also entrust us to install


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