Mint rosemary anti-acne soap travel soap / shampoo / anti-acne cool feeling

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Combines super-strong antibacterial rosemary essence with Indian bitter, to help fight acne muscles, and to refresh your clean muscles


CLOUD 9 Artisan Soap

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Mint rosemary anti-acne soap travel soap / shampoo / anti-acne cool feeling


**[Applicable to skin]**Acne muscle, general mixed skin **[Use essential oils]**French rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil, Italian bergamot essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil **[Design concept]**Summer is always sultry year after year, cold water bath can not cool the high body temperature, always just sweating after the shower, and the sticky summer also makes the outdoor The dust and dirty air are more likely to adhere directly to the surface of the skin, irritating the skin to make it inflammatory, and long acne. Therefore, we have designed a new formula "Mint Rosemary Anti-Acne Soap", which can be washed from the hair to the feet. The obvious sense of sorrow after washing helps you to deal with the hot summer of sticky and sticky, while talking with the annoying acne muscles, Stay fresh and comfortable. **[Recipe design]**the handmade soap formula prepared by acne muscle, we have used 6 plant oils, among which the following 4 plant oils are used as the formula, focusing on gentle and refreshing washing feeling, so that the cleaning is simultaneous It can also achieve antibacterial, anti-acne, moisturizing and repairing. After a long period of use, it can return the skin to its original state of health and emit natural luster from the inside out. ***Rosemary soaked in olive oil**– takes 3 months to soak in extracting fat-soluble substances from rosemary to improve dandruff and hair loss and stimulate hair growth ***Indica Bitter Oil**- Contains potent anti-microbial activity "Azadirachtin", anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, ideal for acne, inflammation and other skin conditions ***Sesame Oil**- Clean and no-load, suitable for oily muscles, acne ***Sweet Almond Oil**- Extremely mild, nourishes and softens skin **【香香】**We use 4 kinds of natural plant essential oils, mainly tea tree oil with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, excellent purification effect, supplemented by the combination of Italian bergamot essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil. The powerful antibacterial effect is very helpful for improving acne, acne and oily skin. The aroma of the four essential oils combines the unique scent of Indian bitter oil, which smells rich in herbal flavors, as if bathed in herbal soup and healed. **[Why choose CLOUD 9 handmade soap?]** 1. No preservatives, flavors, excess chemical additives 2. Add “milk” to each soap to increase moisture and stability. 3. 100% pure natural plant essential oil musk 4. Follow the ancient method of cold processing, 24 hours of ripening, 24 hours of dehumidification and drying 5. A good soap that makes you comfortable to sleep (non-toxic, mild, moisturizing) 6. After washing, the foam can be biodegraded, and the environment does not pollute the ocean. **[Product Content and Specifications]** Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary soaked olive oil, sesame oil, Indian bitter oil, milk, patchouli pure juice, NaOH Additives: French rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil, Italian bergamot essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, menthol Uses: face, body, hair cleaning To use: Place soap on foaming net or directly onto water and rub it into foam. Apply to face/body and rinse with water. Weight: 100g ± 5g Date of manufacture: marked on the product label Shelf life: 18 months Storage method: Since no preservative and antibacterial agent are added, please put it in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Note: Please avoid the eyes and intimate use, if the skin is any discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately. The photo is a schematic diagram, the color and appearance are subject to the actual shipment. Origin: Taiwan **【Precautions】** 1. The color of CLOUD 9 handmade soap comes from natural plant powder, mineral mud powder, mica powder and other soap stains, which will gradually fade with time. This is a normal phenomenon, please feel free to use. 2. CLOUD 9 handmade soap is only added with pure plant essential oil. The fragrance will turn down with time and the soap will be slightly fragrant or even fragrant. This is a natural phenomenon. 3. If the skin is particularly sensitive, it is recommended to try it on the inside of the arm to confirm that there is no allergic reaction, then you can use it in large areas. 4. CLOUD 9 handmade soap is hand-cut, and the water will evaporate during the drying of the soap, which will slightly deform the soap body, so there will be slight differences in shape. 5. Handmade soap contains natural glycerin, which absorbs water from the air and makes small water droplets on the surface of the soap body. This is a natural phenomenon. 6. CLOUD 9 handmade soap is a personal cleaning product that will not be returned once it has been opened.


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