Yunyan marble strap double-sided fisherman hat - long brim

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ผ้าฝ้าย/ผ้าลินิน หมวก ขาว - Yunyan marble strap double-sided fisherman hat - long brim


**❌ No urgent orders. If you can't wait for the production days, please do not place an order / after placing an order, please do not urge the order / handmade, after the sale of the non-serious product defects, do not accept color difference, size incompatibility or personal factors...etc order** ~ ✿**Customized personal exclusive cloth hat**✿ ~ ⚘**Customized Process**⚘ Confirm head circumference size ➜ Choose brim length ➜ Choose back style ➜ Choose color style ➜ Choose additional options ➜ Choose fabric color ➜ After choosing, the message in Pinkoi station will inform the order content ➜ Both parties confirm the order content and amount ➜ Open Exclusive specification options and correct amount for ordering ➜ order and complete payment ➜ order making ➜ shipping ➜ receiving ❤ ⚘**Head circumference size**⚘ 🆂 53 ~ 55 cm / 🅼 55~57.5cm / 🅻 57.5 ~ 60cm ▸ Measurement method of head circumference: Please take a soft ruler, place it on the top of the eyebrow, through the protruding part of the back of the head, and make a circle around the head. It is recommended to measure several times to get the average value. If your head circumference is between two sizes, please choose the smaller one. Size, loose, please choose a large size, you can adjust the tightness and comfort according to your own preferences after the cap ✖✖✖**Manufactured by hand, there will be positive and negative errors in the size, the accuracy of the tightness is required, please do not place an order**✖✖✖ ⚘**Brim Length**⚘ 🅼 Short brim 6.5cm / long brim 9.5cm / extended brim 12.5cm ( 🆂 & 🅻 plus and minus about 0.3cm ) ✖✖✖**Handmade, there will be positive and negative errors in size, length accuracy is required, please do not place an order**✖✖✖ ⚘**BACK STYLE**⚘ ✔ Fixed chinstrap ✔ Chinstrap buckle ✔ Adjustable elastic band available in three styles When wearing, you can adjust the tightness and comfort by yourself, and the hood can also be used as a temporary hair band to tie the hair and prevent the hood from falling off. ▸ Fasten the hat strap, and fix it on the hat body by sewing, strap length: about 35cm ▸ The chinstrap buckle, the transparent plastic buckle, only the buckle (**without chinstrap**), the chinstrap can use the existing ribbon, hair band, scarf, lace belt, etc., and can be used with any cloth hat , there are also a variety of material chin straps available in the museum ▸ Adjustable elastic band, with plastic waterproof stainless buckle, can adjust the length of the elastic band. Available in black & white ⚘**Color scheme**⚘ The cloth cap is**double-sided (𝐀𝐁face)**, the brim of the cap body can be the same color or different colors, there are ➏ kinds of color schemes to choose from, please refer to the picture below, the fabric can be selected at least on both sides of the cap body ➋ color At most ➍ colors, the chinstrap can be matched with the ➎ color or the same color of the hat body, to message customization, please be sure to inform the face number + cloth number for confirmation and customization. Example: 𝐀 Noodles 2-1 Cloth No. T10 ▸ The color of the first picture on this page is 𝐀 Surface 1 marbled cotton. 𝐁 Face 1 cloth No. P01, chin strap cloth No. P01 ⚘**Other options**⚘ ✔ Hat Cord Buckle**( + NT $ 15 )** The brim of the hat is equipped with a waterproof stainless transparent plastic hole buckle for the windproof rope buckle, which can be used on both sides No windproof rope attached, need to buy separately ✔ Shaping Bar**( + NT $ 45 )** There is a shaping strip inside the brim, and you can bend the brim to make a shape according to your own preferences. ✔ Elastic chinstrap buckle. ➐ color optional, ➊ set ➋ pcs**( + NT $ 15 )** Fix the chinstrap to the original chinstrap, elastic band or multiple chinstraps behind the hat to avoid falling ⚘**fabric**⚘ In addition to the fabrics in the product photos, ☟The following website is for other products of the Design Museum. The fabrics on the page can be matched arbitrarily.**you come to the message for customization, please provide the fabric number** ✖✖✖**The color of each screen is different, and the color difference is inevitable. There are banknotes in the photo for color difference reference. The color of each batch of fabric will have a slight color difference. Please do not place an order for color requirements**✖✖✖ ▶ Classic Check ▶ Plain jacquard cotton linen with fine jacquard on the surface ▸ N03, N04, N05, N07 jacquard pattern is the left in the picture below, and the jacquard pattern for other color numbers is the right in the picture below ▶ Plain cotton linen, vegan surface ▸ T01~T42 fabric close-up photo ⚘**Washing method**⚘ Please hand wash. Do not machine wash. Dry naturally. Do not iron at high temperature ⚘**Please read carefully before placing an order, thank you**⚘


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Customized personal exclusive cloth hat. Please refer to the product introduction for the relevant customized order process and content.


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