【เวิร์คช็อป】New Year's Flower Art Course in Taiwan

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Pat about bad luck, good luck! Can Taiwan’s traditional quilt flapping sticks become creative ornaments? ! You can see and play, so good tshù-bī!
活動日 3 天前需付款完成
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
台北市信義區吳興街284巷8之2號 (近北醫大 / 吳興商圈)
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12 ปีขึ้นไป
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【เวิร์คช็อป】New Year's Flower Art Course in Taiwan


▶ Course introduction Pat about bad luck, good luck! Can Taiwan’s traditional quilt flapping sticks become creative ornaments? ! When I was young, I still had a vague impression of the old parents tapping the quilt when the weather was clear. However, in the small space of urban life, this kind of exposed quilt feels like a luxury... This woven rattan product has a unique pattern like Japanese water leads. Lightly holding the off-white tapping stick is also different from the elegance of plastic products. The original creative inspiration came from the Japanese "Bear Hand", It is a kind of farm tool "bamboo rake" used to sweep concentrated dead leaves in the early days. Later, he cited the ability to "collect luck and gold fortune" for vendors, So I remembered that the 2020 epidemic affected the operation of the entire world, People have been living in the mode of epidemic prevention in the past year, And when the epidemic will be completely controlled is still unknown... Don’t ask for wealth and fortune, But please live a good life with peace of mind and health. Here, I hope that the quilt patted with flowers can take away bad luck and bring good luck. Combined with the rattan arc overlapping weaving lines, Follow this line of handmade flowers, non-withered hydrangeas and natural fruits, Hidden the blessings of the little kumquat and the little apple, whichever is the homophony brings good luck and peace. The final finishing touch is taken from the early Taiwanese ka-tsì (sound like "ㄍㄚㄐㄧ") bag made of ribbon knots, More rustic and fun with retro feelings! Pat about bad luck, good luck! You can see and play, so good tshù-bī! ▶ Work size│The height of natural rattan is about 72 cm, and the widest point is about 28 cm ▶ Course fee│NT$ 2,000 *All fees include imported flowers, flowers, materials and lecturers and professors *This work is provided with environmentally friendly paper materials, and the other is packed in paper bags ▶ Time required│About 3 hours ▶ Way of care│ > The stellar flower products designed by COCOBOLO FLOWER are all imported from Japan without withered flowers and a small amount of dried flowers > Stellar flowers are flowers treated with special technology and can be maintained for 1-3 years without fading > No need to water and please reduce the chance of direct sunlight > Avoid excessive humidity that may cause staining or transparent petals > If the flower is left for a long time and it is contaminated with dust, try to avoid touching it directly with your hands > You can use a brush or blow it with a hair dryer > The aroma and pollen of flowers are removed during processing, so there is no need to worry about allergies ▶ In order to comply with the new life policy for epidemic prevention, the course adopts a small class system, It is easy for one person to attend class, and can have proper and courteous handwork distance. ▶ In addition to daily disinfection and cleaning of the classroom environment and tools, alcohol and dry hands are provided for use, and there is a comfortable hand-washing space. Welcome to wash your hands frequently to fight the virus. Please do your own health management and keep a happy mood to come to class. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49848095078_dae0577ae4_b.jpg ▶ There are always moments in your life that are so hard to breathe, you might as well find a handicraft that relieves stress and heals! Through COCOBOLO’s original design of stellar flower art courses, the simple aesthetics of life gradually blooms from the flowers that you hold in your hands... Each work not only shows unique vitality, but also has a story we endow in it. Please experience the ups and downs in the story together and get the beautiful feeling of positive energy! ▶ COCOBOLO is an independent brand dedicated to stellar floral design Diverse and creative floral designs lead people to feel the simple beauty in life The class space in Taipei is close to Taipei Medical University/Wuxing Commercial District https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50804907496_301374ccfd_b.jpg




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