• Combine traditional crafts • Vietnam Hui'an agarwood ruler 3 traditional incense

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Committed to a new taste space|Deeply cultivated in Taiwan|Junran production Fragrance, elegant, slightly fruity or floral



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• Combine traditional crafts • Vietnam Hui'an agarwood ruler 3 traditional incense


• Combine traditional crafts • Vietnam Hui'an agarwood ruler 3 traditional incense Most agarwoods in the Vietnam series are sweeter Hui'an aloes are fresh and elegant, cool and sweet Fruity or floral scent at the end Refreshing A kind of agarwood loved by men, women and children ———————————————————— Use natural sticky powder (Phoebe bark powder) Perfect proportion and harmony No chemicals or flavors added ———————————————————— Product name: Vietnam Hui'an agarwood ruler 3 traditional incense Ingredients: Vietnam Huian powder, nan tree powder (natural adhesive), scented feet Weight per box: 600g (one catty) Burning time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Place of Origin: Taiwan ∥Use∥ Religious Buddha Shelf life: properly preserved indefinitely ———————————————————— ∥Brand story∥ ∥Logo concept∥ Pincheng incense, Taiwan incense. Pincheng incense originated in the Republic of China in 1964, upholding the traditional Taiwanese diligent craftsmanship, using heaven and earth as a stove, using the sun and the moon to make offerings, making incense products that respect heaven and love. We draw materials from mountains, rivers and forests, give traditional craftsmanship to modern life aesthetics, let the classics cross the winding mountain roads of the times, through different languages and races, and continue the fragrance on this land from the perspective of the new generation. Originated from nature, made locally Pinchengxiang adheres to the two principles of "pure natural" and "no fragrance" to make each fragrance. In order to overcome the limitations of the raw material environment and growth time, we personally went abroad to find natural materials as raw materials. Now that chemical additives are rampant and cheap and inferior imports are competing, we are always stubborn and unwilling to make any compromises on quality. Deeply cultivated in Taiwan, we have inherited nearly one-of-a-kind manufacturing experience from our fathers. We supplemented with modern technology and used the most rigorous process to improve the yield of finished products, solve the criticism of traditional manual processes such as quality differences, and accurately control the cost of raw materials. Give back to the community. "Smelled with the smell of wood and land, this is where I come from." Taking the traditional incense-holding posture as an idea, adding lotus flowers and totems to symbolize the coexistence of the old and the new, and the image of diversity and co-prosperity; if you look at the two hands together, it will show the meaning of Pinchengxiang embracing multiculturalism. What we hold is not just Pinchengxiang, but whether you come from the city or tribe, your appearance or background, or how you choose to love and be loved, Pinchengxiang will always be your quietest haven. We believe in Pinchengxiang. Chengxiang is not just a fragrance, but a life style of self-affirmation and identification. Pincheng incense xPincheng "the creative combination of traditional craftsmanship and new trends"-scented skin care products Adhering to the original intention of "Essences go away, I come naturally", stay close to nature and add to the taste of life. Committed to a new taste space|Deeply cultivated in Taiwan|Junran production ∥Brand advantage∥ Joint execution of raw material procurement and Taiwan factory manufacturing The raw materials are generated by nature and have different attributes according to factors such as environment and time. It is not easy to go abroad to find raw materials and understand the product characteristics. Years of manufacturing experience, every day is accumulated experience, every step is adjusting and good. After we retain rich cultural assets, as the times progress, the traditional hand-made incense that has been handed down is replaced by machines. Consumers always compare "handmade incense" and "machine incense"; but they really understand the manufacturing process behind them. The transformation of the new generation and machineized production can reduce the cost of raw materials and control the value and quality of many other advantages. In addition to having a rich and diverse culture, we can also control productivity, continue to develop and lead traditional industries to new trends. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50209302416_7d6906b427_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50209268901_4b4a7a01e8_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50208737118_f3d908f59f_b.jpg


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