Original natural and Tian Baiyu bracelet can be used as necklace

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Natural first-class white Hetian jade with many circles, matching with xuepo, lvsong, honey wax, Nanhong, super XianMei


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Original natural and Tian Baiyu bracelet can be used as necklace


Creation: between one reading Brief introduction: natural first-class white Hetian jade with many circles, matching with xuepo, lvsong, beeswax, Nanhong, and super immortal beauty, the upper body effect is also beautiful, and the temperament is extraordinary, the bead diameter is about 8mm. Can be worn as a sweater chain. https://i1.fuimg.com/699763/1147d7fcd58270ef.jpg https://i1.fuimg.com/699763/f908ad39c3cc8ba4.jpg https://i1.fuimg.com/699763/f9fc9e1dd048ebad.jpg https://i1.fuimg.com/699763/d96115db22df5a87.jpg [ brand story ] https://i2.tiimg.com/699763/37e24fa333c2e61b.jpg "Between one mind" people are complicated, and people are simple. Or become a Buddha, Or become a demon, people are between the Buddha and the devil; between the thoughts, many things There have been decisions and changes. Our work wants to be static on every wearer. Let’s find the true self, feel the life with your heart, and feel the real life with your heart. Live wisdom. I think that every natural gem contains life, all in the years. Unique stories generated by change, and these moving stories are set The ingenuity of the planner is refined and presented to the people. Traditional wenwan Combine all kinds of wood and various gemstone crystals and change them instantly. The colors are full, the works are full of Chinese style, but there is no shortage of fashion, classical Perfect blend with modernity, the collision of traditional aesthetics with modern art The same interpretation of traditional and modern, simple and comfortable beauty. [Significance] https://i2.tiimg.com/699763/8e6057b403a5679b.jpg Every collection of cultural relics is a work of art, and playing cultural relics is an aesthetic,It is a process of appreciating art. Appreciating art can not only improve One's mood can also improve one's artistic taste. Except for the appearanceThe aesthetic value, as well as the inner spiritual value, is contained in every article and play collection,With special cultural significance, the process of writing and playing is to counter these culturesThink and summarize, so as to realize the process of higher level of life wisdom. [sense] https://i2.tiimg.com/699763/f33b3a2f21e5a611.jpg Who will mark the signs of the years on the road, often feeling, always remember. Who chooses life and who will choose life. Who will have a good conversation with life, who will feel the strength of life with heart. Who will appreciate the glamorous and gorgeous life, waiting for a clear state of mind. If you are busy, you should look up at the sky. The faint sky is very blue. If you are tired, you should also appreciate the scenery around you. The faint flowers are very sweet and fresh. If you are annoyed again, you must embrace life with sincerity. The faint life is pure and clear. If you have pain, you should pretend that if nothing happens; Because the faint smile is very mellow and beautiful, the faint friendship is very sincere.


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