Ancient Greek Health Goddess (Small-White) Hygeia - Handmade Ceramic Statuette

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SOPHIA's products are drawn from the sculptures of ancient Greece thousands of years ago, hand-made by Greek artisans, with a variety of color choices, so that ancient sculptures are perfectly integrated into the modern home, the philosopher's quot


SOPHIA - Enjoy Thinking

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Ancient Greek Health Goddess (Small-White) Hygeia - Handmade Ceramic Statuette


[Commodity story] Hygeia means "health" in Greek. In Greek mythology, the goddess of health symbolizes the balance of all levels of life and brings health to the body and mind. This statue was taken from the 4th century BC. It was created by the famous Greek sculptor and architect Skopus. The statue presents a peaceful sense of stability and brings strength to the balance of body and mind. Greek designer Alexandra combines ancient Greek statues with modern colors to transform ancient statues into contemporary art, perfectly integrated into the modern home, and the philosopher's quotations of the pedestal are more interesting and endowed. The context of gift giving. Base quotation: *ALL IN GOOD MEASURE - CLEOBULUS* *Everything upholds the golden mean - Cleo Bros* 【 Size】 16x7x8cm 【Material】 Made with ancient Greek clay recipes. 【 brand introduction】 SOPHIA is an emerging home design brand from Greece. The products are designed by Greek artists. The inspiration is based on Greek mythology and its long history. It is made from ancient secret clay recipes and handcrafted by local artisans. Classic design With eye-catching color matching, Greece's rich history and culture are perfectly integrated into the modern home. The humorous design also contains Greek philosophical thinking, and each piece is loved and played with it. Sophia has the meaning of “wisdom” in Greek, and the wisdom of ancient Greece is not only timeless, but it is also surprisingly applicable to modern society. The purpose of SOPHIA is not only to promote the wisdom of ancient Greece, to inspire contemporary people, to make the world more aware of Greece, but also to support local designers and craftsmen, to increase job opportunities and provide Greek people through local design and production. The help that stood up again from the economic crisis. 【Agents】 Grenome Sinome - the beauty of importing Greece, the joy of exporting life. A trip to Greece, let the founder meet the beauty of Greece, in the beginning of sharing, we set up a bridge from Greece to Taiwan, this bridge conveys moving and bringing joy, this bridge is Gernome. Gernome aims to discover the unique, exquisite and connotative cultural and creative products of Greece, as well as local high-quality natural and organic products, and introduce them to Taiwan for introduction. 【 Precautions】 This product is hand-made, each statue may be slightly different from the picture, and this series of products is based on the ancient Greek statue, not like the glazed smooth and flawless texture of the porcelain surface, and vice versa with a sense of historical mottled, can appreciate this beauty Those who buy again. [ Origin / manufacturing methods] Greek design / Greek handmade


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