[Free shipping pre-order 73% off] handmade glass tea cup group joint name Mid-Autumn Festival gift box

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Contents: crystal clear tea cup x2, Tieguanyin almond biscuits 190 grams, jasmine green tea biscuits 160 grams.



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[Free shipping pre-order 73% off] handmade glass tea cup group joint name Mid-Autumn Festival gift box


**🌟Pinkoi 2019 featured creative Mid-Autumn Festival with hand TOP1** Market price 1,690 yuan, free shipping 73% off pre-order offer only to 8/23, 8/26 shipping! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48509124902_d095d80403_b.jpg **HANSCHIU X Diary Bakery** **Mid-Autumn Tea Cake Gift Box** Explore the beauty of Taiwanese tea! HANSCHIU is committed to promoting Taiwan's good things in the land, The Mid-Autumn Festival of 2019 is coming soon. Especially working with Diary Bakery, Launched a tea biscuit hardcover gift box, a tea biscuit with a joint name With a fine glass cup set, Experience a rich feast of taste and vision. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48508097552_8be178f9cb_b.jpg **Mid-Autumn Tea Cake Gift Box |** Handmade hardcover gift box containing brand classic #18 star mans handmade glass cup 2 pieces, Tieguanyin almond biscuits 1 can, jasmine green tea rice biscuits 1 can, Diary Bakery dessert chef uses Taiwan island all seasons to produce ingredients, with carefully selected imported baking ingredients Handmade biscuits made without adding any preservatives, artificial flavors and pigments, with the theme of Taiwanese original tea, create an unforgettable taste. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48508097777_1c9752616c_b.jpg **Tie Guanyin Almond Cookies |** Ingredients: Taiwanese Tieguanyin Tea Powder (tested by SGS), California Almond Slices, Japanese White Sugar, Sundial Taiwanese Noodles, American AA Cream, Shian Ranch Eggs Specifications: net weight 190 grams Product introduction: Taiwanese one-hearted two-leaf Tieguanyin tea, unique sweet and slightly sweet-scented osmanthus aroma, equipped with a full range of fine California almond slices, bite a crisp and rich layer, Tieguanyin slowly in the mouth Released, leaving aroma of tea between the throats. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48508097657_c88e30ba9b_b.jpg **Jasmine green tea rice biscuits |** Ingredients: Taiwanese organic jasmine green tea powder (tested by SGS), Taiwanese rice scent, Taiwanese syrup powder, sundial Taiwanese noodles, American AA cream, Shian Ranch eggs Specifications: net weight 160 grams Product introduction: Use Taiwan organic jasmine green tea, elegant and fragrant with Taiwanese characteristics of crispy popcorn, into the imported creamy biscuit biscuit body, every mouth can taste the fragrance of jasmine green tea, surprise popcorn for you Bring a finishing touch to the surprise at the tip of the tongue. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48508124692_08eb247767_b.jpg **18 star mans handmade glass teacup |** Inspired by lotus leaves, the HANSCHIU classic "18 Star Mans" is designed with oriental style and fashion style tableware. The whole series is made by mouth blowing glass technique, creating 18 lines like a star-shaped streamline. After the light, it reveals a rich layer of luster, symbolizing the birth of the brand in 2018. Wan style like translucent cup-like glasses, the refractive layer through lines perspective rich scene, making use of heat-resistant glass material, delicate light up more**may heat to 120 degrees**, compact shape with a handle,**for red Hot tea drink**,**Hairless pore surface is easy to clean, no stains on tea**. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48509151911_c29e9a154d_b.jpg **Product specifications|** Pre-order offers are only available to 8/23! Crystal Water Cup x2 market price 1,240 yuan Tieguanyin almond biscuits 190g market price 250 yuan Jasmine green tea rice cracker 160g market price 250 yuan Kanazawa thank you card x1, Kanazawa paper coaster x2, bag x1 Gift box size: 30.5x23x height 9.5cm Crystal water cup: 11 x 7.5 x height 8.5 cm, capacity: 240ml, manual borosilicate glass, heat resistant to 120 degrees °C https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48509316187_ed00a81679_b.jpg **Diary Bakery Introduction|** Use the ingredients produced in the four seasons of Taiwan Island and carefully select imported baking ingredients. Good at combining tastes and items with seasons and themes, Adhere to the sugar-reducing formula and no artificial additives, Invite you to "good food and good day." / Use and maintenance methods / 1. Avoid putting it in a heater such as a microwave or dishwasher. 2. Avoid using corrosive detergents. 3. You can use lemonade to remove dirt marks and restore the original luster. / Notes / Each piece is a hand-shaped glass product, and manual traces and bubbles are normal. Every item will have a slight height difference. Store at room temperature, avoid sun exposure to avoid deterioration, please finish eating within 12 days after receiving the goods. Food is not accepted for return after unpacking. / Fan Group / HANSCHIU / Origin & Manufacturing / Made in Taiwan handmade


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