Out of print display | 190 pounds 32 open waterford | dark green portable watercolor this sketchbook

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Cover 1.5mm thick cardboard wire, 32 open size. Do not buy, do not trim, have raw edges and original stamps, do not like to buy. Note that this is a promotional display, occasionally very dirty by hand touch, sold without return.


To The Moon Bindery

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Out of print display | 190 pounds 32 open waterford | dark green portable watercolor this sketchbook


note: Good watercolor paper is not cheap, we insist on not wasting, so we don’t cut the paper. Can not accept the edge of the book is not uniform, the watercolor paper has burrs and the original stamp, please do not place an order. 32 is about A5 (A4 paper folded once) and then small 0.5cm~1cm. Note that this is a promotional display, occasionally very dirty by hand touch, sold without return. **Out of print does not accept custom** -- Watercolor information Size | 32 open Cover | Wear-resistant paper + 1.5mm thick cardboard Decoration | wax line wax thread + step seam Pages | About 24 -- Watercolor paper Brand | saunders waterford Pounds | 190p Material | Pure cotton pulp Medium-thickness | Zhongmu -- Our FB & IG : @tothemoonart -- Q & A 1. Why is there no good looking packaging? I want to give gifts. Packing to avoid waste is only the most basic anti-collision waterproof (because we have wasted a lot of paper), and I hope that you can reuse the bubble paper after receiving it. If you want to give gifts or want beautiful packaging, you need to Hands-on. 2. Why is the page a bit loose? We don't apply glue at all, so we can flatten it at 180 degrees. If you need a glued page like a regular notebook, or if you need a tearing page, don't buy it. 3. Why is it different from the color I imagined? The photo will be lighted, so the object will be darker. We don't plan to take all the pictures, but different screens and devices will have some slight color difference. If you have problems, please don't use them. You can ask questions. 4. What is the difference with the watercolor paper sold in the general bookstore? We are a professional watercolor paper bought by foreign art brands in the art gallery, including waterford, canson, and Baoding Baohong from China... Check the price on the Internet! Usually you will buy your favorite pure cotton pulp to make, if you use wood pulp paper or mixed pulp will be specially marked. The two are different! I won't go into details here. The paper of the bookstore can of course be painted, but there will be a certain degree of difference in the water absorption, smudge effect and the controllability of the pigment. 5. Can I do the Arches book / or use other brands / pounds of paper? Can you! Please refer to the change of watercolor paper plus purchases in the store. 6. Why are the edges of the paper uneven, and there are raw edges or stencils? Keeping the spirit of no waste (good watercolor paper is not cheap), we don't have to trim the special trim, so we will leave the raw edges or stamps on the original paper. The stamp on the watercolor paper is also proof of the original paper, usually in the back corner, and does not affect the painting. 7. What are the shipping contents? The product shipment does not include photo props, only the watercolor one and the business card. 8. How do I return it within seven days? If you are unfortunate that the product you received is really unacceptable, please communicate with the message within seven days. We can make up or replenish it. It is not too late to leave the evaluation after receiving the replenishment. We will accept the improvement humbly.


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