RELIGIOUS CEDAR-Cedar Spray 100ml

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Eye Candle Fragrance Series-Space Spray


eye candle studio

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RELIGIOUS CEDAR-Cedar Spray 100ml


Eye Candle Fragrance Series-Space Spray The new fragrance series pushes the product line of eye candle to a more complete and comprehensive, including fragrance line cone, scented roller ball bottle, new tea glass candle, and this space spray. With different scent themes, inspired by scenes and moments that awaken the sense of smell in life, scent options include barefoot grassland, window bouquets, morning needle forest, iced tea in the afternoon, civet cats, leather sofas, Chinese gardens, smoky Campfire, Cherry Cola ... and so on. Based on the experience of life, the scent with the image of Taiwan is modulated, and the possibilities of the fragrance are explained by products such as candles and incense towers. The space spray uses brown glass as the main container. Because the brown glass has the characteristics of blocking out the sun, it avoids the deterioration of the contents and can effectively save our selected fragrance -Scent introduction RELIGIOUS CEDAR Like sitting under a Greek summer fig tree, Cozy reading the aroma of scrolls made of cedar and patchouli. Spend a full afternoon with a sweet but not greasy woody scent. Top note: figs Middle note: Bergamot Base notes: cedar, patchouli, sandalwood Contains FORESTALL ™ deodorant liquid imported from the UK, which can effectively neutralize odorous organic molecules and reduce their concentration in the air. With Eye Candle's selected fragrance, it is comfortable and fresh. It not only removes the odor factor, but also retains a comfortable fragrance. Can be used for spraying in indoor spaces to give the space a pleasant smell. It can also be used on any fabric, carpet, car, etc. -Product Specifications Capacity: 100ml Fragrance: Eye Candle uses French century perfume factory and natural essential oils, according to different proportions to formulate different fragrance themes Contents: Milk alcohol, water, and FORESTALL ™ odor neutralizer imported from the United Kingdom. It is an efficient air and fabric deodorant, which can eliminate a variety of odors such as smoke, sulfur, kitchen and bathroom. It works by forming complexes with specific organic molecules to remove odors from the air. -Precautions Do not spray directly on people, animals, food, plants, feed and stone tools. Avoid direct sunlight and spray on fire sources. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth, wounds, etc. If you accidentally touch it, stop using it immediately, rinse with plenty of water, and go to a doctor. Please store the product in a cool place at a cool temperature. Avoid exposure to sunlight to prevent deterioration. Origin: Taiwan Shelf Life: Three years


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