Cute round apple wooden magnet--woodcut--handmade - hand made [can pick color]

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People~ always forget about the West, I often put some note paper on the refrigerator, but it seems to be just writing. Still not forgetting to watch it, then I forgot it for it! So I designed this small apple magnet. I walked through the refrigerator and



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Cute round apple wooden magnet--woodcut--handmade - hand made [can pick color]


Art comes from life But different from life Just because I like to eat apples I think carving wood is like eating apples. Can be very casual and very happy In addition to your own creation Also created this series of apple-shaped products I want to pass on everyone a feeling of peace and happiness. People~ always forget the East I often put some note paper on the refrigerator. But but It seems that it is just writing Still not forgetting to watch Then I forgot it for a while. So Ah~~~ I designed this apple small magnet Walking through the refrigerator will always see it inadvertently (it's so cute) I will also notice if there are any important things to keep in mind. Do you have this trouble like me? Hurry and try it!!! Or where your home has a magnetic place, it feels empty and not beautiful. Can also be used to decorate Or you are an office worker in the office Can arrange your work table Let your troubled work time relax In short The little apple is saying: I am very cute and take me home!!! Finally, about wood carving In fact, the wood is small and round, but it is difficult to deal with. One is that the wood should have enough toughness (to avoid being too small and broken) The second is very difficult to fix when carving (often stabbed) But also because of this The temperature of the hand exists only when the knife is cut. I hope everyone can see them because I feel happy, Ping An is happy~~~ ● Production: hand-carved and colored ●Size: about 2.5cm (This model is more casual, the recipient can order it~) ●Color: All can be freely selected, please leave a message to us the desired color after placing the order. (The basic color of apple is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, wood primary color) If you need special colors, you can discuss them separately. ●Material: wood, strong magnet ●Notes: 1. This is a product made of logs. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface. 2. The surface has been treated with a protective lacquer and has a waterproof effect, but it is still not immersed in water. 3. Each item is handmade, and the size will be slightly wrong. 4. Please wait patiently for the production time, thank you! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ The origin of "Heart Art 13 Life Creation" There are always extraordinary things happening in ordinary life. Everyone has something that belongs to his own unique meaning "Thirteen" is a special number for us. Therefore, we created this "heart art thirteen" with this feeling. Let us create our own art with our heart and hands. I hope to create a unique one for everyone. Design concept---unique gift ‧ hand made temperature The starting point of our design comes from the "gift" Always I really like to make gifts for my family and friends. When you see the person receiving the gift, you are happy. The corner of the mouth is always unconsciously rising Therefore, we set up the studio "Heart Art 13 Life Creation" I hope to design and produce it for everyone. Meaningful little thing Our main material is the use of wood and pottery. These two material properties give a warm feeling We like to keep the texture of the hand made In addition to the original material characteristics Also keeps the temperature of the hand I hope that art can be integrated into life. Let art not only play an eye Can also have practical value Find extraordinary from ordinary people -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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