The ship's creative ambition #5-visual number - look like a child

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With the birth of a child, the visual number "Look at the child" tries to be a child again, and take a good look at our world with the child's fresh eyes. This book exclusively includes the co-creation of illustrator Wang Chunzi and his son,



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The ship's creative ambition #5-visual number - look like a child


Publication date: October 2019 Chinese and English, full color 86 pages, paperback, 170x230 mm "The Ship's Creative Journal" is an independently published art publication that uses the five sensory perceptions of human beings as a source of inspiration to collect works and stories from various fields around the world. Each period begins with a sense of unity, combining painting, photography, installation, writing, music, architecture, film, and even food, travel, and the things of life. In this issue of "The Ship's Creative Journal #5", the "Visual No." theme, "Look at the Children", exclusive collection of the co-creation of the illustrator Wang Chunzi and his son, and the beautiful record of the gentle production of Hong Xiangru. Foreword: I gave birth to a child on the 35th birthday, and then I started taking care of my child's life at home. During this time, I experienced a rare time in my life to concentrate on life. Every day, according to a fixed schedule, feeding, smashing, changing diapers, playing with children, making non-staple food, washing water towels and clothes, sleeping. The calm and steady home life, like a recurring day, makes me start to notice many different details in the seemingly identical daily routine. I saw that in the different months, the afternoon sun would fall in a different corner of the room. The sunny day without clouds would bring a whole thin and long light to the bathroom, from the sink to the shower head of the bathtub. I found that little babies like to stare at the ceilings, wardrobes, windows... for a long time, it is said that because the baby's vision has not developed well, they can only see the light and bright colors for the time being. A few times, my daughter looked at a bevel at the window for a long time. I then lie down beside her, close to her little cheek, trying to guess what she was looking at from her perspective? What kind of world is she seeing in her eyes? I saw that the road tree swayed with the wind of Hsinchu, and the drawstrings of the curtains swayed with the same gust, causing a small ripple-like change in light and shadow. And I think the girl's eyes must be different from me. Her world has not yet been defined. The things in the environment have no specific purpose in her eyes. What she sees may be novelty and beauty. With the birth of the child, "The Ship's Creative Article #5" visual number "Look at the child" tries to be a child again, and take a good look at our world with the child's fresh eyes. We re-learn "look" and hope that each other's perspectives can be different from the usual ones. There is not much value judgment, no prejudice, no limited purpose for the intended purpose, or simply see what is seen in the eyes, and then maybe You can add some more loving eyes. table of Contents: 1. Foreword - About Children / Li Yihua 2. Digital illustration - kids doodle / Timo and Meyer 3. Imaging device - Xiao Tian Xin / Wu Mazhen 4. Design - Silver Power / Renee Lofer 5. Films - Children's Donkeys - Views from the "Six Masters' Childhood" / Chen Yuqing 6. Text - remember a shipwreck event / Huang Xiaomi, Huang Lipei 7. Life - the secret and meaning of life / Hong Xiangru 8. Picture Book - Hate Typhoon / Wang Chunzi, Liao Yanren 9. Project - Dome Project / Isozaki Daojia Foreword: Publisher: Boat's studio Editor-in-Chief: Li Yihua + Hong Xiangru Editor: Li Yihua Design: Wu Xin Magnesium, Hong Xiangru Master pen: Huang Xiaomi, Chen Yuqing Translation: Zhan Yuhui Origin / manufacturing methods Place of origin Taiwan


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