[Japanese leather products] Ideal for walks Pumpkin Tote S size jb-2-s [Please choose the color from the following product types]

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Shipping: Free/Order-shipping days: 5-7 days/Shipping-delivery days: 5-10 days A pumpkin tote bag that is perfect for a walk. S size that can also be used as a lunch bag. The characteristic cross stitch in the center, the handle part woven with Spanish squid gives a soft impression.


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[Japanese leather products] Ideal for walks Pumpkin Tote S size jb-2-s [Please choose the color from the following product types]


[Ideal for a walk! Pumpkin tote that cats also care about] https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/re-photo-item/jb-2-s.jpg https://file002.shop-pro.jp/PA01346/382/tote/jb2s-r.JPG **<<S size of pumpkin tote that can be used as a lunch bag was made>>** A characteristic cross stitch in the central part. The handle part woven with Spanish squid contributes to the soft atmosphere. With a convenient pocket inside, the handle is about 28 cm long. **Regardless of leather color, all tags are camel with white thread.** *Since the entrance is narrow, a large lunch box cannot be entered. https://file002.shop-pro.jp/PA01346/382/tote/jb2s-2-r.JPG It features a center cross stitch. https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/oranege.jpg **▼ Color, Spec. Similar products ▼** https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/oranege.jpg https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/youcan.jpg ▼There are 5 colors of leather. Sewing thread can be selected from 11 colors▼ https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/leathere.jpg https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/peoductspec.jpg [Exact size] ・Width: 27 cm ・Height: 16 cm ・Depth: 12 cm ・Weight: 300g *There are individual differences due to the nature of the material. Please think of it as an approximate size. 【spec】 ・Sewing thread color: White thread regardless of body color ・Flag embroidery: Spain ・Number of pockets: 1 ・Material: Cowhide ・Bracket: Iron ・Thread: Polyester https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/similara.jpg 【 Related product 】 [A new tote bag with a boat-shaped silhouette jb-35] https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/vMWhdebU https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/popu.jpg ✽ wallet ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish?category=1&subcategory=103 ✽ Coincase, Moneyclip ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish?category=1&subcategory=106 ✽ Variety goods ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish?category=2&subcategory=299 ✽ Key goods ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish?category=2&subcategory=217 ✽ Stationery ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish?category=3 ✽ Shoulder bag ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish?category=1&subcategory=104 ✽ Order of popularity of all products ✽ https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/japlish https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/oranege.jpg **▼ Let's enjoy cutom order! ▼** https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/oranege.jpg https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/semiorder.jpg https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/semi.jpg **[Overall sewing thread color] and [Embroidery color] can be changed at no additional charge.** The following 11 colors are available. white ,red ,lightblue ,navy ,kahki ,bladk ,gold .brown ,yellow ,purple ☆ In the message box, write "sewing thread: red, embroidery: green, white, navy from the top". https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/nameplate.jpg https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/itoiro/name.jpg **[Name description and cost]** For a fee, we can sew a name stamp or make a name tag with a string. The cost is 400 yen (110NTD / 29HKD / 117THB) **[Name color, character type, number of characters]** -Regardless of the color of the body, imprint a stamp on light brown leather. Sew it on. ・Alphabet uppercase is possible Lowercase is not possible ・Maximum 10 characters. **[Method of name order]** Please add the following additional charge items to the cart and fill in the message field such as [REI DANG]. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/4fFEXLus https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/craftma.jpg https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/itoiro/pinkoiabout.jpg ■■■ Origin of the brand name■■■ Japlish is a leather product atelier born in Fukuoka, Japan in 2009. [Japlish] is an abbreviation for [Japanease English]. It is a word that means [Japanese English]. I decided on the brand name with the idea that "I want to make leather products that can connect to the world even in non-fluent English." As part of that, we are doing embroidery using the national flags of the world as a motif. In Japan, it is sold at directly managed stores adjacent to the atelier and at customers such as Hakata Station. ■■■ Features ■■■ Japlish has three features. **1: Made in Japan** Warm leather products produced by skilled Japanese craftsmen **2: Easy to enjoy order system** Because it is made-to-order without stock, you can enjoy changing thread colors and embroidery colors. **3: Rapid production/shipping system** Even if it is made to order, it can be shipped within about 7 days https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/caraftman.jpg ■■■ About craftsmen ■■■ japlish was launched by the representative OSA who loves to travel. Worked for 6 years at HERZ, a famous Japanese leather bag manufacturer, and became independent in 2009. After that, the production staff joined. We design, cut, sew, and assemble by ourselves without outsourcing or division of labor. We also do site production for online shop, PC work, packing, shipping work ourselves. https://image.wowma.jp/40165902/category/materilas.jpg ■■■About material■■■ Soft touch leather is used in the main. Use hard leather where you need to be sturdy. It features a sturdy industrial sewing thread that looks like hand-sewn and is sturdy. 11 colors of thread are available, and it is also popular that you can change the color for free. ■■■ Video introduction ■■■ I made a 40-second brand introduction video. Please feel free to visit. https://youtu.be/KXVW2X-MAAg


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