Recording Card-Flower and Herbal Fragrance-Creative Gift Surprise Gift Birthday Gift Valentine's Day Gift Surprise

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iSpeakCard - Speak Out Your Love
iSpeakCard - Speak Out Your Love
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Recording Card-Flower and Herbal Fragrance-Creative Gift Surprise Gift Birthday Gift Valentine's Day Gift Surprise

รายละเอียดสินค้า **【Closable recording card】Flower and herbal fragrance**🌷🌿📣 Valentine's Day Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Christmas, Father's Day, Creative, Graduation, Surprise, Romantic Gifts & Cards. **◎Pull out the card in the envelope to sense the light, and your recording will be played! The card in the envelope can be written and DIYed!** - **Card size: 15.5 × 10.3 × 0.7 cm** **The product includes - recording card x1, envelope x1, instruction x1. [MP3 style includes transmission line x1]** **【Recording capacity length】** MP3 models - 4MB, 8MB. Basic (built-in microphone) - 30, 60 seconds. 🎤**Recording error - re-recording** The basic model only needs to repeat the recording step to erase the previous recording and record a new recording. MP3 file transfer is like using a USB flash drive. **[key features]** 📣**Sensitive playback recording is super surprising; button playback - black is not afraid** -MP3 models only have photosensitive playback. Basic model - support photosensitive/button play, double play mode - Light-sensitive playback needs to feel the light and darkness to make a sound, and the basic model can also use the button to play in the dark. ⚡**The MP3 model is rechargeable, and the basic model is super easy to replace the battery**(the original recording will not disappear) 🎤**Recording is not good, re-recording several times is OK** 🔒**Recording protection design - so that your recordings will not be accidentally erased!** - Basic style - the design of the recording limit key, so that your recording will not disappear accidentally! - MP3 models - stored in the file, will not disappear. 📊**Multiple recording lengths** - Basic - 30, 60 seconds. MP3 models - 4MB, 8MB; play as long as you want. 📍**Fidelity and high sampling rate, super clear recording** ⏳**Professional design, super long standby time** - When not in use, even if the power is turned on (standby), the power consumption is extremely low at the microampere level! 🔔There will be a slight color difference between the picture and the actual product, and the picture will usually be brighter due to the shooting light, please pay special attention! ==================================================== ===================== **【Talking card department 📣 Talking surprise gifts, cards, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas gifts...💓】** 📣**Talking Card Room- is a Taiwanese brand dedicated to creating talking surprises** Provide music recording cards, music recording modules, recording cores, customized recording greeting cards, talking gifts... 🌟**Talking Cards**- Open the card, the light will be sensed and your recording will be played. Photo frames, envelopes, open and close cards - many creative patterns of exclusive design, choose a suitable one for the other party. 🌟**Love to talk and post freely**- Create talking surprises anywhere! Stick them where he/she won't expect them! 【Recording capacity length】 MP3 (you can play as long as the file is long) 4MB, 8MB Basic model (built-in microphone) 30, 60 seconds. The latest model (3 recording methods - direct recording, MP3, bluetooth) - has been developed and is in production -2MB (120 seconds), 4MB (240 seconds), 8MB (480 seconds) - ✨We attach great importance to your feelings, so if you have any questions or need to customize, cover, playback method, time length, etc., you can do whatever you want. ✨Please contact us, we will do our best to deal with it --- Just add simple handmade card DIY, let you create unique gifts and cards 💓📣**Love must be timely, love must be spoken out loud!**📣💓 **The meaning of giving a gift often lies in a moment~** Record your voice and surprise him/her! Open gifts, cards, Surprise! Unforgettable birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, marriage proposal, confession, anniversary gift - talking touch and surprise is the best choice! - 【🚚Shipment】 ▶🛒Delivery within 1-3 days after the order is placed, closed on holidays. If you need it urgently, please ask first ▶Invoices can be issued, please note if you need to type a unified compilation. Shipping from Taipei! ▶[Return and Exchange] If the product is defective or the wrong product is sent, please let us know, and we will replace it for you. If you have any problems during use, please refer to the instructions for operation, or watch the teaching video. You can search for Talking Card Room on Youtube If you still have problems, you can contact us to tell us about your situation. - 💟We are very responsible and attach great importance to consumers. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us first. 💟Brand management requires a lot of effort, don't judge by comparing prices, if you don't understand, please don't buy, thank you


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✦Herbal aromatherapy ✦Closable Recording Cards - Record your voice and give him/her a surprise! Open gifts, cards, Surprise! - Open the card to sense the light, and your recording will be played! The blank space on the inner page or the small card in the pocket can be written DIY! ✎Designed and manufactured by us - paper card: Taiwan; recorder: China


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