▷ Umade ◀ Desperado [M] - Home Decor Home Decor Wall Tapestry Wall Decorations Frescoes Home Decor Wall Decorations Interior Design Events Setup - Xie Yun Yun AmelieHsieh 【M 112x150 cm】

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วัสดุอื่นๆ ของวางตกแต่ง สีน้ำเงิน - ▷ Umade ◀ Desperado [M] - Home Decor Home Decor Wall Tapestry Wall Decorations Frescoes Home Decor Wall Decorations Interior Design Events Setup - Xie Yun Yun AmelieHsieh 【M 112x150 cm】


What is the wall? 】 Wall tapestry English word is the wall, as early as the end of the sixteenth century, people will know that the use of wall mantle to decorate the interior. Shop straw on the ground to collect dust, precious woven carpet is hung in the stone wall or hallway to block the wind, to the modern, tapestry or wall mantle to become practical and stylish furnishings. Mantle is a very unique home decorations, as long as it appeared on the scene can easily change the atmosphere of the overall space. The use of large-scale artistic creation monotonous walls become eye-catching, the room immediately have a visual focus! Then catch a good light and some personal characteristics of small objects, do not spend money on the decoration, the entire room texture immediately upgraded. In addition to the role of the wall hanging on the wall, but also can be used as a light compartment, curtains, doilies, beds and sofa dust and other functions. In the outdoor can be used as a picnic mat, sand beach shade, activity banner purposes. Umade Mantle has three sizes, with a variety of different sizes and functions can be used to do! * More artists to create wall mantle look here: https://www.pinkoi.com/store/umadehome?tag=%E5%A3%81%E5%B9%94 【Sizing Information】 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0370/3545/files/Sizing_Information-01.jpg?13291688255038086972 *This is M (112x150 cm) store, this section otherwise S (75x100cm) and L (150x200cm)* S: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SraEcPnK L: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/I38vNKaQ 【Product Features】 1. Change the best indoor single product! Straps tied with 3M invisible hook on the four sides, easy to hang not hurt the wall, indoor and outdoor layout are super simple 2. The use of Japan's introduction of sublimation transfer technology, bright colors do not fade saturation, color reproduction degree of 98%, the perfect artistic creation 3. Light fabric material, machine washable, easy storage, easy to carry 【Artistic Creator Artist】 Xie Yun Yun AmelieHsieh (from Taiwan Taiwan) The style of his works is more elegant with animal, plant or dream-like fantasies with romantic and elegant colors. Hope to convey the feeling of gentle and humorous moment, record fleeting worldview. After a few years working in the brand to New York, Paris, London, Shanghai and other cities to travel, then began a full-time illustrator's life. Like travel, movies, wine, aroma. About UMade UMade, Uniquely Made for You. (With Artist's love!) Umade and hundreds of artists around the world work together to make art more than just exist on the paper or computer, but you can always see the touch of good things! Umade committed to providing you with the finest art creation good, every product after repeated testing and research and development, currently on the Pinkoi another 3C Accessories Museum: www.pinkoi.com/store/umade Has accumulated nearly 700 pen 5 heart good evaluation, and more than 4,000 fans attention! In order to make it easier for everyone to find more suitable products, we will separate the home layout category from another store, please pay attention to us! ^^ < <Note> > *Because shooting the light at the scene, so the picture shows a slight drop in color, the actual product color to white (go back) that picture Oh!* *Each wall and curtain are hand-stitched and stitched by a local master from Taiwan. Depending on how each creations is cut, there may be an error of about 3-7cm* Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / 100% Original Exclusive Goodies, Individually Made for You, Non-Massive Copies for Your Uniqueness (Showcased in Meat Succulent & Gift)


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