Marine warship two-color cat and dog scarf decorative collar

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Marine warship two-color cat and dog scarf decorative collar


TOTOMOMO, sneaky, touched♥ [Hope to use this gift and your love to help more stray animals. 】 TOTOMOMO will evaluate the shelter and halfway, deduct the cost and send everyone's love out, so that everyone can help the homeless children with TOTOMOMO. [Ocean Warship Model] Decorative collar, no accessories to go out, please do not buckle the leash at will.,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1920,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/550527_350843.jpeg 【white】,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1920,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/69313_156494.jpeg,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1920,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/245741_109905.jpeg,fl_lossy,h_500,w_500,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/P1010252-1000_aflkzi.jpg 【blue】,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1920,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/593427_802495.jpeg,fl_lossy,h_9000,w_1920,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/105448_441486.jpeg,fl_lossy,h_500,w_500,f_auto,q_auto/1646573/P1010251-1000_pfwt06.jpg [Product Specifications] Decorative collars, no accessories to go out, please do not buckle the leash arbitrarily to go out. Neck size/ S: 18cm~22cm (adjustable length, suitable for kittens over 6 months old and general adult cats) M: 22cm~30cm (adjustable length, generally adult cats and small dogs) L: 30cm~45cm (adjustable length, large adult cats and medium and small dogs) XL: 45cm~60cm (adjustable length, suitable for medium and large dogs) Material/ Taiwan cotton cloth + hardware + buckle Pattern / Printed cloth due to different cutting positions, resulting in a situation where the pattern position cannot be the same. Relatively each printed cloth product is unique. Buckle / MIT Pet Safety Buckle **This style comes with a simple collar, but it is only for modeling, it is recommended not to buckle the leash at will to go out!** If you want to buy a collar that can be used for outing leashes, please refer to this store collar~ Can be customized for cats: Dogs can go out: (There are many styles, welcome to shop in the store!) 【Fabric】 This fabric comes from: Taiwan MIT 【button】 The plastic buckle used by small cats and dogs in size S and M is a pet safety buckle made by Taiwan MIT. It can be released with a pulling force of 4 kg (humans can easily pull it apart) to prevent cats and dogs from being dangerous when playing, breaking away, and fighting. The plastic buckle used by L and XL medium and large dogs is a pet safety buckle made by Taiwan MIT. It cannot be pulled off with brute force. It can temporarily prevent the dog from rushing out. However, the designer still recommends using outer clothes and a special leash The buckled collar is out! 【Precautions】 1. Commodity differences Each cash ring is handmade, if the following conditions are within the normal range~ If you have any doubts, you can go to the consignment store for reference. ▪ The product printing is different (most of the printed cloths are different in cutting positions, so the pattern position cannot be exactly the same, and each printed cloth product is unique~) ▪ Product size (normal error range 1cm~2cm) ▪ Product color difference ▪ One Mimi's thread ▪ Due to the original artificial paint of the bell, occasionally there will be uneven coloring, but the elf will try its best to check (ง๑ •̀_•́)ง 2. Commodity spot The quantities on the shelves are all in stock. If there is any shortage of goods, please write to us to ask if it will be produced in the near future. Please forgive me if we cannot update it in time. 3. Cleaning 1. As most of the fabrics are dyed/printed cotton fabrics, they will fade when exposed to water or strong light. 2. Please remove the bell before launching the product with bells to avoid rust. 3. Please use clean water for cleaning. 4. Please wash by hand or machine wash in a laundry bag. 5. Finally, remember to take it out to dry! (*´∀`)~♥ 4. About exchange If you need to exchange the product because the size is not suitable, please meet the following items: ▪ There should be no traces of use, damage, dirt, peculiar smell, moisture, washing ▪ Complete goods, accessories, accessories, gifts, inner and outer packaging Please take a picture and send a letter within 7 days, the elf will help you deal with the exchange of goods. Please consider carefully before placing an order. If you have any questions about the product before purchasing, please ask. Thank you for all the moms and dads who bought it. Because of your/your support, TOTOMOMO can continue to help stray animals and love them forever (´,,•ω•,,)♡


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Marine warship model dog scarf decorative collar. S size (18cm~22cm) is suitable for kittens over 6 months old and general adult cats; M size (22cm~30cm) is general adult cats and small dogs; L size (30cm~45cm) is suitable for large adult cats and small and medium-sized dogs; XL (45cm~60cm) Suitable for medium and large dogs.


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