Jin Zhu Bao Xi Xi from the pig to bronzing red bag year of the year started to marry the moon red envelope

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○Contents: Golden Pig News, Hi from Pig (please select product specifications) ○ Gift: Small round stickers ○ Start with: New Year's Day Red Wedding Ceremony Golden Moon Gifts Start Red Packets



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Jin Zhu Bao Xi Xi from the pig to bronzing red bag year of the year started to marry the moon red envelope


Due to various cost relationships / The total amount of checkout is less than NT$80 (excluding shipping), it will not be shipped! /Total amount exceeds NT$80 delivery (excluding shipping), thank you ! **2019 pig year hot stamping red bag** When the year of the pig arrives, I have to send a red envelope, and the piglet has a golden pig report!! The flowing golden pig, like to come from the pig, we make a fortune together~ popularity, wealth, good people are rolling!! We are like the brave little pigs in the incarnation, and we are not afraid of bravely chasing dreams in the new year!! Full of joyful red hot stamping red bag, the surface of the paper has a star-studded effect, it is thick and heavy, and putting a thousand dollar bills is equivalent to putting 10 sheets of presence (not the kind of very thin red wrapping paper) YA! ! / How to start the small white socks pig year red envelopes / Year, marriage, moon, start red envelope / How much should the red envelope be packaged / The number of red envelopes depends on the occasion and the object, but the most important principle is "double number". The double number represents good things in pairs, and it is like a lucky auspicious. Pay attention to the simple principle and avoid contraindications (for example, 1,100 or 4,400), you can take care of the courtesy when sending red envelopes, and let the person who receives the red envelope really feel the blessing of the other party. Common red envelope numbers range from small to large: 200, 600, 1,000, 1,200, 1,600, 2,000, 2,200, 2,600, 3,600, 6,000, 6,600, 10,000, 16,000. **Wedding gold** The red envelope amount avoids 4 and 8: In wedding occasions, don't touch the head, Taiwanese custom is to avoid the homonym of "death" and "other". Therefore, the red envelopes generally have 1200, 1600, 2000, 2200, 2600, 3200, 3600, 6000, 6600, etc., but the focus is still "doing the best" **Mi Yue Li Jin** Usually, you need to pack a red envelope to a colleague, a friend's child, and the amount of the red envelope depends on your friendship. The following ways are available for your reference! / General friend: 600 yuan. / Friends who have a good relationship: 1200 ~ 1600 yuan. / Relatives and children: The elders will pack 2,000 yuan to 3,600 yuan, and the average class will be 600 to 1200 yuan. / Company colleagues: A group of colleagues with a package, one person packs 500 yuan ~ 600 yuan. **Start red envelope** The amount of red envelopes should be packaged for employees. There is no limit on the amount of internships, but a symbol of auspiciousness. The boss also sent employees to scrape a piece. Therefore, no matter how much money is paid for the red envelope, the red envelope that you receive should not be spent immediately. You should wait until the Lantern Festival to use the money, or put the red envelope in the drawer to enhance your career. 【specification】 ○ Size: 18X9cm ○Material: Copper West Thick Pound Paper - Starry Red Bag ○Contents: Golden Pig Annunciation, Hi from Pig (Please select product specifications) ○ Gift: Fucaibao small round stickers Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / Designed by Buywowpup


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