Limited | mini | Dolphin | Colorful blooming barrette / hair clip

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Limited | mini | Dolphin | Colorful blooming barrette / hair clip


Sakiknitted Valletta is a handy hair accessory that even Bukicho-san can improve by simply snapping it. Change to hair clips to add femininity to relaxed hair. It's OK in 3 seconds, so it's easy even during a busy morning or at work! Very light because the air is braided! Because it shines light, it is easy to adapt to skin color, hair color and clothes! Plenty of volume and confidence in hair! Even on a rainy day, the volume remains the same in the sea. Your face will light up instantly, and your look and mood will be cute! -------------------------------- [Dolphin] The most refreshing blue color. The exquisite blue color that both Brube and Yebe enjoy. The pink point color adds to the cuteness. He always suggests exquisite colors that incorporate the latest trends This is a collaboration color with general store mini* store manager Misa-san♡ Overall size bracket -Valletta: 50mm×6mm -Hair clip: 50mm×10mm Bracket width -Valletta: 30mm -Hair clip: 40mm Fluffy part 10 cm The largest part of the 15 cm material, including the fluffy ribbon, organdy (polyester), beads (styrene resin), plate (brass) ◎ Organdy bloom knitting We split the organdy fabric and knit a soft flower with plenty of air. By tearing, a soft fabric is created with firmness, and by firmly knitting the fabric, it creates a fluffy volume. ◎Hair arrangement [Mini bloom knitting Valletta] Just by snapping Bukicho-san, it's an easy hair arrangement to go out! ・Click on the side of one knot. Hide the rubber with a small bundle of hair to improve the fashionability! -Pumpador is a snap. ・Squats on the sides. -A snap at the end of the braid. ・A snap on hats and clothes. It will brighten up no matter where you put it. [Mini blooming hair clip] You can quickly and easily attach it to your down style! Summary Hair is supple in a moment! The clip flutters, and it doesn't seem to follow the skin more! On the neck, in a bag, when you're not using it, it's so cute! If you want to enjoy more easily, clip, If you are looking for holding power, please choose Valletta. For people who want volume in all directions, and who want more nuance, we recommend the bloom knitting Chou-shu! I am looking forward to various suggestions on the website and Instagram! ◎ "Just right" for you to go out The organdy, which allows the light to pass through, fits comfortably in your daily outfit and where you go. By mixing the colors of light, you can see various expressions. Even if you share it with your family and friends, you can enjoy it with each look! ◎Bloomlet Valletta/Hair clip looks delicate and very durable Organdy can be used forever without discoloration. It's braided tightly so it won't let you loose or unwind even if you get caught on the train! Even if it gets wet due to unfortunate weather, it remains fluffy. Also, since it comes with metal fittings, it is a feature of Valletta/Hairclip that it is less likely to deteriorate compared to Chou-shu. Please go out with confidence! ●We are happy to accept custom-made products such as color changes. Please contact us in advance regarding size changes and specifications changes! -Because it is made by tearing the organdy cloth, there is a rash. The fluff may fall off, but as you use it, the fibers will get used to it and it will be hard to drop it off, so please enjoy the texture and have a look.


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The most refreshing blue color. The exquisite blue color that both Brube and Yebe enjoy. The pink point color adds to the cuteness.


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