All auspicious custom bracelet eight auspicious silk wax line 925 sterling silver lucky money to ensure safety and good luck

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Eight auspicious symbols are the eight kinds of totems that symbolize good luck in the Buddhist faith. According to legend, they were dedicated to offerings by the Indian Vedic gods when Shakyamuni gained the Tao. Right-handed white pagoda, auspicious knot, victory building, Falun


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All auspicious custom bracelet eight auspicious silk wax line 925 sterling silver lucky money to ensure safety and good luck


[Silver meaning] Eight auspicious meanings Treasure Umbrella: stands for the Buddha's roof, and is named Treasure Umbrella in the Han Dynasty, symbolizing noble power Pisces: Represents the eyes of the Buddha, and also refers to the Buddha's eyes that look at all living beings, so it is also a symbol of wisdom Aquarius: Represents the neck of the Buddha. Because Dharma flows out of the mouth of the Buddha, the Aquarius is also a symbol of teachings Miaolian: It represents the tongue of the Buddha. Right-handed white snail: three neck patterns representing the Buddha, the Buddha's melody is melodious, as clean and beautiful as the right-handed snail, so that all beings are free Auspicious knot: represents the heart of the Buddha, also known as the endless knot Victory Building: It stands for the supreme upright consciousness of Buddha, and is for the victory of Buddhism, so it is represented by the honorable building Falun: Representing the palm of the Buddha, symbolizing that the Dharma rotates like a wheel and never goes out [Color meaning] Black and gray energy: eliminate karma. Get rid of anger. Anti villain. Anti-rotten peach blossoms. Help the personality mature and steady Green Department Energy: Recruiting careers, expanding careers, strengthening financial luck leadership, and helping business wealth. 【Suitable for ethnic groups】 If you work in a business nature, you will increase your luck, expand your career, and enhance your wealth A good choice for gifts of all ages, can increase luck and improve the magnetic field Sterling Silver Goods ▶ The surface of the sterling silver jewelry will have anti-oxidation treatment, so unlike the early silver jewelry that is easy to oxidize and blacken, there is no need to worry if there is a little oxidation (yellow, black) after wearing it, because it is attached to the silver Relationship, as long as you use the silver cloth (or wash the silver water), you can easily change your jewelry back to shiny. ▶ Sterling silver jewelry is not easy to cause skin allergies, suitable for long-term wear ▶ If you do n’t wear it for a long time, please clean it and put it in a box to save it. ▶ Sterling silver jewelry is wiped with silver cloth, and electroplated jewelry is soft cloth Waterproof Silk Wax Product Tinker Bell ▶ Waterproof, you can take a bath, get rid of the trouble of constant wear, long-term wearing is not allergic and does not smell ▶. To prevent sun exposure, the silk wax rope will be worn brighter and brighter than when it was just bought. Unlike the ordinary cotton rope, the color will stick or break easily after wearing for a long time. ▶ Silk commodities ▶ Silk wax thread is made by kneading dozens of fine soft silks. To fix the silk thread, it is easy to weave. So the surface layer is coated with a layer of transparent "wax". So it is called silk wax thread. ▶ Because of the "wax", the new wire is darker and slightly harder. After treatment with water, the wax will naturally peel off and the wire will be softer, showing the natural luster of the silk thread. After-sales service and maintenance ▶ Customized products are reviewed before being shipped ▶ If you have any problems, please respond within three days of receiving the goods ▶ After the sale, you need to replace the buckle or rope to send it back, or go to the Fengjia physical store in Taichung for replacement (all service fees are required) **Customized part** Private message tells us what suits you S & A teaches you to measure your hand


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