No ear hole for the bride jewelry ear hanging

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No ear hole for the bride jewelry ear hanging


Symmetrical ear hanging to the Japanese tube beads strung into a very bright luster. Wearing in the ears like fireworks like dazzling. The color is a little soft milky tone Size: 5cm x4cm (not including ear hanging part) (Ear hanging size 6cmx4cm fine adjustment) Design earrings inspired: Eva Although I have 6 ears but with an ear or there will be allergies. Especially the beautiful earrings how much weight or let me have a burden. So the design of the earrings are "no ear hole" category. But also to minimize the probability of metal allergies, with the materials are alloy and imported metal copper. In addition to the golden design of the skeleton is used "brass wire". Do not mind if you mind. Earrings divided into: Ear clip, Adjustable ear clip, Ear buckle (homemade), Ear hanging (homemade). These four categories. If you have questions about wearing a way to welcome me to ask the way to wear ~ Can be slightly adjusted, if it is too hard to make it difficult. Do you mind if you mind Each headdress / jewelry design only produced one, as if every bride is the most unique. Inspired me to make a little story of the bride's headdress: From childhood I like to imagine the wedding after the wedding and then draw them down, and sometimes the string will do the headdress with their own headband. Grew up in the mother's support after the study of clothing design, in the process of reading the wedding found in addition to the design is very important, above the delicate embellishment even more fascinated by me but began to focus on handmade jewelry processing category. Although after graduation did not come into contact with the wedding but at home when they like to slowly explore the indulgence can not compare the hands of the world. Sometimes also make some jewelry and headdress to send friends. Good chance to ask me to make her wedding with the bride's headdress, looking at their own design can also participate in the witness to the happiness of others so that I was deeply moved. But also the encouragement of friends decided to start selling some of their own works. Although I have never learned jewelry design but very yearning for the teacher can learn. After two years of selling on other platforms, the money earned was brave enough to fly from Malaysia to Taiwan for short study. Each design will only make one, because the design and production time I was holding if I was wearing the bride after how the feeling of what kind of style to design. Feeling can not be copied so the design will not be copied. I want my babies to appreciate their horses and let them know my happiness instead of making money. Warm Tips: - Headdress from the bag after the first finishing and Joe's angle / bend before wearing. - Please fix the hair before the headdress breath in the position of the wear, if the fixed position to adjust the hair will be pulled to avoid the liquid spray on the headdress, so that the extension of the life of the headdress. Headwear maintenance: - The headdress is treated without "metalworking (electroplating)", so please put it in a sealed bag without being used to avoid oxidation. After oxidation can not restore the original color. - If it is welded to the production of the headdress welded interface will be covered with paint treatment, but there will still be unable to deal with the slit. Please do not order if you mind. This situation is on the back. Headwear Packing: - Auditorium has been posted. - Every headdress is packed without gift box, only thickened sealed bag. But when the mail will be wrapped with a box delivery. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Each design is made only once Tips for wearing: -Aiet taking it out of the bag, the headdress need to be adjusted and collated to an appropriate angle / camber to wear. -Please fix your hair first and then wear the headgear in the desired position at one time.If you adjust your hair after you have fixed it, it will do harm to your hair. Headdress, and the service life of the headdress can be prolonged. Method for maintenance headdress: -The headgear has not been plated (with mental), so please put it in a sealed bag for storage in case of oxidation. The oxidized headdress can not restore its original color -The headdress made by welding will be repaired with matched paint at the welding interface. But there are still some slits remain on the back of products which are unable to handle. Please do not order if you mind. -Please make it clear that each headdress do not sells with a gift box packaging, but with a thickened sealing bag. Interested more than I know how to make the usual process please join my lnstagram: eva. T3oh Origin / manufacturing method Designed in Malaysia


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