Polish pottery-round belly cup 220ml

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Polish pottery-round belly cup 220ml


**Introduction** Boleslawiec, a small town with a population of less than 50,000, is located in southwestern Poland. The high-quality clay brought by the two rivers of Bobr and Kwisa laid the foundation for the development of ceramic art. Each piece of Polish pottery is hand-painted by a local craftsman in Boleslawiec. Hand-painted Polish pottery from a century of Polish craftsmanship, there is no shortage of totem design themes The production of animals, plants, abstract lines and totems needs to be finalized and graded by the artist And use the sponge to repeat the stamping, the color of which is more complicated, you need to draw one stroke by one stroke, It is laborious and time-consuming, and the price is high, so it is called "UNIKAT" (Polish, unique meaning). **Make** The embryonic soil mixed by mixing water is made by hand or mechanically. First, it is fired in a kiln at 800 degrees Celsius to make the primary embryo. Then the painter used a sponge and paint pen to manually put a gorgeous coat on the Polish pottery. Then cover the glaze by soaking or spraying (lead-free and cadmium-free), And fired at a high temperature of 1250 degrees Celsius for 15-20 hours, which not only makes the glaze tightly attached to form a protective layer, It also brings out the style of exclusive Polish pottery. **Round belly cup** https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4573/24407307318_1693aed61f_k_d.jpg The round-bellied cup is cute and charming, which opens up a good appetite. It is suitable for all kinds of juice drinks or hot drinks. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4577/38246025722_da2ef3876a_k_d.jpg **specification** *Capacity: 220ml *Size: Height 8.0cm / Diameter 11.5cm https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4566/38246233432_228be190d1_k_d.jpg **Terms and Conditions** *Can be used in dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators *Can be used in oven *Do not heat directly on the fire *Do not clean with strong dishwashing detergent *Polish pottery is a very practical pottery, like other heat-resistant pottery, Do not change the temperature suddenly (such as: put it in the oven immediately after taking it out from the freezer), Regardless of cold heat treatment, please return to room temperature before proceeding to the next step to avoid cracks or damage. **Certification** *All Polish pottery products sold have passed the EU "Food Contact Substances Framework Regulations" (Regulation EC No 1935/2004)", and passed the internationally renowned SGS and Intertek It is inspected and approved, and it does not contain toxic substances such as lead and cadmium. Please use it with peace of mind. *The transparent glaze layer of Polish pottery can effectively protect the body of the pottery, in addition to avoiding bumps, Oil stains are not easy to adhere and are easy to clean. *All products sold are the highest quality 1st grade Polish pottery. **Identification of Goods and Bad Products** *Due to the hand-drawing of the color, even if the color is the same, the color density and pattern will be different due to the painter’s strokes And some slight differences, this is the normal phenomenon of the original factory. *The product has occasional unevenness on the surface, which is caused by manual soaking of the glaze and high-temperature kiln firing. It is normal, please use it with peace of mind. Origin/manufacturing method Handmade in Poland


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Hand-painted Polish pottery from a century of Polish craftsmanship


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