Children's Organic Cotton Grey Mask Cover Organic Cotton

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I . A . N Design
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Children's Organic Cotton Grey Mask Cover Organic Cotton


"The mask cover is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged. 』 "Hand-sewn products, the stitches and the product photos are slightly different or slightly incorrect. The size difference of plus or minus 1 cm is normal and not defective. Those who cannot accept it should not purchase. 』 "Organic cotton masks, fight the epidemic together!" Epidemic prevention starts with wearing a mask and washing hands frequently, Now, don’t worry about the real-name system restricting the quantity and not being able to buy masks! We launched organic cotton mask covers, Put the medical mask in the organic cotton mask cover, and you can repeat the washing and drying before use. Organic cotton fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption and breathability, pure and non-toxic, and it will not be stuffy and hot all day long! / Size/ Length: 14.5 cm Width: 9 cm (All products are measured horizontally) Suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old. The mask cover made of organic cotton fabric is comfortable and breathable! / Material/ 65% organic cotton blend 35% PET bottle recycled yarn 1. Use more than 65% of organic cotton to make the producer (cotton grower) and user (consumer) and the earth sustainable 2. Recycling instead of producing plastic to recycle excess plastic to protect humans and environmental creatures from plastic poisoning Why is organic cotton blended PET bottle recycled yarn the best choice? 100% organic cotton is breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly, but it has poor wrinkle resistance due to the characteristics of natural materials. The brand chooses a small amount of recycled PET bottle eco-friendly yarn (man-made fiber) material, Is first dissolved into whole particles and then extracted into yarn, While maintaining the breathability and comfort of the original organic cotton, it also strengthens the functional wrinkle resistance, moisture absorption and perspiration, and durability. Let this kind of fabric be closer to people's convenience and environmental protection to achieve a win-win appeal, Let the world be better because of the right choice. And imported cotton needs to be certified by international organizations, Fabric manufacturers must also obtain international certification-GOTS organic cotton certification Every item of 65% organic cotton mixed with 35% recycled yarn from PET bottles is accompanied by a <certified elevator for organic cotton> , <Bottle recycled fiber certification card>, To ensure that consumers can safely experience the natural comfort brought by environmentally friendly materials, Reduce the burden on the earth, It also represents our guarantee and dedication to consumers, Looking for a "friendly design", Welcome to I. A. N Design! / Precautions/ Shipped within 7 working days after purchase (Excluding holidays) / Origin / MADE IN TAIWAN


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Suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old. The mask cover made of organic cotton fabric is comfortable and breathable!


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