CHJ03 A6 belt buckle notebook A6 notebook

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A6 loose-leaf six-hole notebook with inner page (blank kraft paper/dot mark paper, choose one)



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CHJ03 A6 belt buckle notebook A6 notebook


How long have we not picked up the pen and left some records for our lives? I still remember that when I was studying, I always liked to write the notes of the class neatly. It seems like this will get a good score on the next exam. After the society started working, it did not change the habit of taking notes. I always like to take a booklet to record the details of my work. I have been working on leather until now, facing my imagination. Still use text or some images to record that the brain's memory is not enough. To help yourself or your friends prepare a limited notebook~ *Please note: The part of the belt buckle is easy to write for the user, and it is made of a non-removable movable belt. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us: D Can accommodate / -2 x bookmark layer (There is a copy of the inside page, the inside page is sold in the stationery line ~!) colour/ "Leather, stitching" can be matched by yourself. For the color, please refer to the page "Leather color". *Because the display of each computer is different, and the leather introduced each time will be slightly different in color due to different regions, manufacturers or batches. The color of the photos is for reference only. Color is the main 喔~ Ruler / Width is about 12.5cm (open flat width about 27cm) Height is about 19cm Thickness is about 3.5cm Material / European imported plant tanned leather Germany imported sewing thread type/ * 3 different sizes of fonts are provided, which are "3mm rectangular font (the stamp type will be clearer)", "Rectang font 4mm (film type will be lighter)" and "square font 4.5mm (film typing will be lighter)" . *Free typing service (limited to 10 words), more than 1 word will be added 5 yuan, please leave a message to confirm with us, because some products may be because the space for typing is relatively small, too many words may be placed Do not go in. *The part of typing is slowly knocked up by one word and one word. It is difficult to achieve the same level of completeness as machine printing, but we promise to use 100% heart to try to make every word, if you Can't accept any errors, or suggest you not to type: D Leather features (small reminder) / * Plant tanned cowhide is made from plant-derived tannic acid tannin, which will deepen the color with the time of use and the contact of sunlight and air. For example, brown Tan will slowly turn into caramel color, chocolate chocolate will be slow. Slowly turn to a darker chocolate color..etc. *Because of the method of making vegetable tanned cowhide, it is not the leather coated with chemical coating on the surface. In the process of growing cows, there will be "scars" caused by playful play, as well as "plaques" caused by mosquitoes kissing. "Fat lines/growth lines" that are accidentally eaten fat or thinner will not "affect the use of the guests," "will try to avoid" these small features, but there will still be Unavoidable fine lines, if you have any questions or needs, please ask questions~ Production / Taiwan hand sewing & machine sewing production


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