Morning glory can be decorated with art [cake (snack) plate, dinner plate, fruit plate]

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pcltw-Porcelain Painting Art & Desig
pcltw-Porcelain Painting Art & Desig
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Morning glory can be decorated with art [cake (snack) plate, dinner plate, fruit plate]


The painting style is derived from the realistic painting style of Meissen Porcelain Meissen Morning Glory Bouquet in Germany. In porcelain painting, it is not easy to master the color and lightness of many parts and the overall three-dimensional painting. The perimeter of the plate is decorated with insects, which is one of the characteristics of many porcelain paintings. I like the little red ladybug inside. The whole picture has become very lively because of the addition of animals. With the author's autograph, the favorites are welcome to collect. **★If you want to see more product pictures, you can find them on IG or FB-Boss Blue Porcelain Painting Workshop★** The work can only be completed by many professional hands, with more than 10,000 brushstrokes. The painter personally uses brushes or soft, heavy or rich, or indifferent hand-painted colors, and then burns in a high-temperature kiln around 800 to give the porcelain fresh vitality. Product Details Size: Ø21cm, height 2cm **Applicable to:**Art decoration (can be cake (snack) plate, dinner plate, fruit plate ♛Because each piece of porcelain is a "unique" hand-painted creation, even if the same pattern is used in the painting, it will still be slightly different from the exhibits. But the "style" and "techniques" will be compared to each exhibit, ♛It is fired at a very high temperature, so please feel free to use it. ♛This product has passed [SGS Food Safety Inspection]. ♛White porcelain will inevitably have some slight impurities and gray spots during the production process. This is normal. ♥ Material description: Japanese porcelain, imported glaze, ♥High temperature glaze. **[Using method/maintenance instructions]** ※General sponge cleaning is enough. In order to prevent the surface of ceramic products from being scratched, please avoid using harder materials such as high hardness and iron brushes. The dishes are dedicated and safe to release hot food. It is suitable for electric cookers and microwave ovens. ※Do not heat utensils decorated with gold or silver in a microwave oven. ※When cleaning, warm water can be used, and most of the stains can be removed. ※When cleaning, please use a sponge or soft cleaning tool, with a general neutral detergent. Do not use abrasive lotions, coarse vegetable cloth and steel brushes. ※Do not stack in storage to avoid scratching the color glaze. It is recommended to separate the trays with paper towels. ※It can be used in microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, please do not roast directly. **Origin/manufacturing method:** Taiwan **Other considerations:** *Part of the photos are taken in a life-like way. Because the light source and the color of each manufacturer's screen are slightly different, the colors presented are different. Therefore, the product color is still subject to the actual product color. * Due to production factors such as firing of each batch of ceramics, the size and color of the actual product and the photo will be slightly different. *Porcelain products may have pores, black spots, glaze flow, and fine scratches due to the manufacturing process. This is a normal phenomenon and is not a defect. The appearance is not obvious and does not affect the use. Please do not place an order if you mind.


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Boss Blue Porcelain Painting Workshop The biggest feature of the brand is "hand-painted". We follow the ancient porcelain painting craftsmanship that has been passed down for centuries. Each hand-painted work is drawn and designed by senior painters and signed on the work as the best proof of hand-painted tradition.


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