6/28 Update | Gray Box Series | Diffuse Stone Guardian Stone| Crystal Power Stone

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6/28 Update | Gray Box Series | Diffuse Stone Guardian Stone| Crystal Power Stone


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51222537424_39c8dcda16_c.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51885607475_58e61dd7ef_c.jpg **High Quality Pebbles-Grey Box Series-Imported from Brazil** **Only minerals, no essential oils** Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51221981833_a951b13389_c.jpg **Lapis Lazuli - keep safe, protect the master** Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51261765360_6941aa5a8f_c.jpg **Stone- luck and wealth** It is a small Stone, and the macro shooting has a magnifying effect Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52166357977_f6e1bb6d3d_c.jpg **Tianhe Stone- Confidence and Good Luck** A new batch of Tianhe Stone small stones, the photo has been updated Lines and melasma are more obvious than the photo Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51751813096_44dbd060e8_c.jpg **Amethyst and Amethyst Flower - Wisdom, meeting noble people** Raw amethyst ore and amethyst flower, both of which contain the essence of amethyst cave Amethyst Flower is the tip of Amethyst Cave without any optimization The amethyst flower will have a**white**powdery substance that is naturally produced by the amethyst cave Raw ore part/random measurement 0.8-1CM Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51472574655_3b2cfafe87_c.jpg **Amethyst - wisdom and confidence** The color is unique and beautiful There are black impurities and obvious Stone are the characteristics of purple dragon crystal Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51361362665_79a30e71de_c.jpg **Stone-healing and eliminating negative energy** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51360367946_405bbd0eb1_c.jpg **Green Stone- random measure 5-9mm** Polished, foggy feeling is the characteristic of Stone Impurities and cotton wool are natural imprints Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51567571544_343ed1a489_c.jpg **Blue- Teal fluorite raw ore - random measurement 12-16mm** Looking up at the light with your head up is very beautiful, you must try it: ) Color varies slightly from batch to batch, it is a natural product after all Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / transparent cover **The portion exceeds the height and cannot be covered** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51360575608_541b7cae6f_c.jpg **Purple + mixed Stone-10-13mm** Polished, foggy feeling is the characteristic of Stone Impurities and cotton wool are natural imprints Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52057370912_120da5d023_c.jpg **Obsidian/anti villain and eliminate negative energy** The small stone is about 5-9mm, it is polished but still has mineral defects/dents and the like Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52177612462_63775d0d86_c.jpg **Aquamarine/Body and mind balance and positive energy** Small stones about 2-6mm, irregular Stone, ranging from icy to translucent Real aquamarine is expensive, this is Stone but the color is beautiful Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 7-8 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52178643078_af4be6ea83_c.jpg **Tea Crystal/Guardian and Youth Vitality** Small stones about 2-6mm, irregular Stone, icy through The crystals are beautiful, with very little ice cracks and lint Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52177656892_5108b38265_c.jpg **White Crystal/Good Luck and Elimination of Negative Energy** Small stone about 2-6mm, irregular Stone The crystal of this product is white and bright, and the whole is very beautiful Non-artificial flawless crystal growth (laboratory crystal) Gray box 6.2 CM x height 2CM / 8-9 full / transparent cover **Gray tin box** - Diameter 6.2 CM x Height 2 CM - Does not contain essential oils, does not contain essential oils, do not imagine essential oils out of thin air **Placement** Put it where you want to increase your aura, anywhere Desk, room, bathroom, living room.... Imagine it as a magnetic field machine, you can put it anywhere you want **Cleaning and maintenance** If there is dust attached, it can be washed with water and wiped dry It can also be wiped with a little oil (massage oil or blended oil or cooking oil) A little oil can make crystal natural stone more moist and beautiful **Degaussing instructions** No need to demagnetize as a fragrance Stone Demagnetize if you want energy Method 1: Rinse with water for 1-2 minutes (do not soak orange salt Stone in water, it will dissolve) Method 2: Put it on the white crystal degaussing stone for 3-8 hours Method 3: Basking in the sun for 3 hours (the pink color will fade when exposed to the sun) Time: Degaussing once every three weeks **What will happen if you don’t demagnetize: It won’t be like XD, I’ll be in a good mood when I look at it** **Ore Properties** Natural small stones contain ice wool and impurities (symbiotic minerals) Pink crystals contain titanium and manganese elements, and the color will fade when exposed to heat or sunlight The small stones have been rinsed and purified, and can be used directly The photo has a magnified effect due to macro shooting, and it will be much smaller than you imagined **Silver high-quality natural stone** Artificial, laboratory crystals often appear commercially This Lab Crystal Is Clean, But It Doesn't Work Because the purchase price is high, the color and shape are very natural and beautiful The production area is Brazil, not cutting leftovers, no laser processing Please accept the imperfection of natural stone, and what you get back is full of positive energy Natural stone said: I am not as flawless as glass but I have good energy :D **Guest Feedback** Many customers have responded one after another Buying Silver's natural stone helped them a lot Because Silver uses good, natural raw ore It is not white marble dyed with fake crystal (many are available in the market), and it is not laser-treated. Pure natural, energy is of course much better than commercially available! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - **Lapis Lazuli - Baoping** -The lapis lazuli color is the body color of the Medicine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism -Keeping peace, protecting health, eliminating disasters -It can enhance insight, analysis, and calm anger and irritability - It is a Gemstone of wisdom and access to the depths of the soul, a natural stone suitable for meditation **Obsidian-anti villain exclusion, negative energy** -Has the energy of attracting wealth and prosperity - Decompression to ward off evil spirits, absorb negative energy, is the best guardian Stone in life -Absorb sickness and turbidity on the body and transform them to increase new energy - It can ward off evil spirits and protect you from the threat of villains -Bear all negative energy, stress and depression for you **Amethyst-wisdom, meeting noble people** -Also known as the "Guardian Stone of Love", it can bestow deep love between couples and husbands and wives -It symbolizes wisdom and is the best companion for students, office workers and business - Corresponding to the top wheel, it can develop wisdom, stimulate creativity and increase confidence -It is a social Stone, which can help you make friends and often meet noble people to help you **Pink crystal-attract peach blossoms, good popularity** -Pink crystal is also called love Stone - Can promote love luck, bring love, and protect love - It can also increase popularity, establish good interpersonal relationships, and promote business relationships **Stone- Charm and Confidence** - Improve charm, vitality and self-confidence - It is the Stone of luck and the protection Stone of love -Avoid evil spirits and transform evil spirits, and become a protective Stone against external forces -Helpful to the bottom wheel in the seven rounds, it is the best guardian Stone for women **Strawberry crystal-positive peach blossom, good popularity** - Can increase personal charm and good popularity, open love fortune -Bring a happy and joyful life and attract a good marriage - Can make thinking more clear, peace of mind - Corresponding to the heart chakra, healed the heart chakra and have more confidence in oneself **Stone- luck and wealth** - Stone symbolizes gentleness, wisdom and happiness - Helps strengthen one's own aura, can ward off evil spirits - Can make family harmony and career success -It is a lucky Stone, which can bring good luck to the wearer **Aquamarine-Confidence and Physical and Mental Balance** -It is the essence of seawater aquamarine, known as the stone of fortune - A symbol of courage, love and peace, also known as the Stone of Courage - Soothe the soul, be positive and energetic - Physical and mental balance, health and positive energy **Tea Crystal - protection and youthful vitality** -It is a good amulet and evil spirit - Helps to filter the stale air in the body - In busy work, it helps to clear up thoughts and calm people's emotions **Dongling Jade (Green, Yellow)-Stress Resistance and Wealth** - Considered the Stone of life, symbolizing health and peace - Can purify the mind and soothe restless emotions - Can bring good luck, create harmony and happiness -Lucky Gemstone that can attract wealth and attract wealth **Citrine - happiness and wealth** -Adjust emotions and enhance self-confidence -Main wealth luck, partial wealth and accumulation of wealth - The gentle yellow light makes people full of confidence and joy **Labradorite - vitality and wealth** - Eliminates negative energy and provides positive energy support -Strengthen your insight into things and avoid being confused by the appearance of things -Energy Stone with high wealth gathering power **Southern Red Agate - Relief and Positive Energy** - One of the seven treasures of Buddhism - Improve mobility and increase positive energy - Can bring good interpersonal relationship and popularity - Can relieve stress and make people face new things with a positive attitude **Tianhe Stone- Confidence, Courage and Good Luck** - Can soothe emotions and release peaceful energy - It can enhance confidence, and will not give up when encountering setbacks - Recruit noble people, think positively, inspire self-confidence and courage - It can enhance wealth and is a lucky Gemstone **Stone Healing and eliminating negative energy** - Can stabilize emotions and heal the body and mind - Can remove accumulated negative energy and prevent the invasion of external negative energy - Can screen out cluttered thoughts, improve learning and work efficiency - Help demagnetize and purify the human body's aura, eliminate bad luck, and balance the chakras **Stone- Creativity and Emotional Harmony** - can stimulate creativity -Relieve sadness, indifference and anger, and overcome emotional troughs -Release positive energy through rare earth elements to achieve physical and mental balance - Helps friendship, love, family, and spirit to be in a harmonious state - When Stone is used with other crystals, it can enhance the overall effect **Citrine - happiness and wealth** - Citrine corresponds to the navel chakra of the human body -It is a symbol of happiness, health and wealth -Yellow light corresponds to material and wealth, which can make and gather wealth - Can increase self-confidence, make people full of joy and happiness **Amethyst - wisdom and confidence** -Recognized as the most spiritual Gemstone - Can help people see the facts and grow wisdom - Corresponding to the top wheel, bringing courage and confidence - Relax your mind and open your mind - Rich compassion, love and care, make people more spiritual **White Crystal - Purify and eliminate negative energy** - Known as the "King of Crystals", it is the most effective crystal -It can absorb negative energy from itself and the surroundings, and enhance the positive magnetic field -It can improve a person's acquired destiny and improve one's fortune - It can remove bad luck and frustration from the human body and bring good luck **Stone- Concentration and Creativity** -Stimulate inspiration and break through creative bottlenecks -Enhance concentration and judgment, improve learning ability - Corresponds to the throat chakra, enhances communication ability **Stone- wealth and protection** -Lemon Stone(lemon jade) is a kind of agate, green with yellow - The energy of the Lord's positive wealth, and can protect the owner - According to legend, when the color of lemon jade fades or cracks, it means that it has absorbed the energy of disaster **Lapis Lazuli - Relief and Happiness** - Lapis lazuli, also known as angel Stone - Brings healing, harmony, calm and stress-relieving energies - Can make the mood cheerful and reduce depression - Can release negative energy and increase happiness - Connect with spirituality and enhance insight ▼▼▼ Thank you for coming to Silver, if you have any questions, please contact us Hope to bring you more pleasure through sincere communication between people


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