Natural Burmese Jadeite - White Jade Ping An Jadeite Necklace Selected Gifts Customized Jade Ping An

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Natural Burmese Jadeite - White Jade Ping An Jadeite Necklace Selected Gifts Customized Jade Ping An

รายละเอียดสินค้า ✦Name✦ White Jade Safety Buckle Jadeite **Buy a Stone and get a free pin necklace** **If you need customized bindings, please contact the designer** ✦Size✦ ►White jade safety buckle jadeite size: 20.1x5.2mm ✦Material✦ Burmese jadeite A ✦Safe buckle emerald Ping'an buckle, also known as nostalgic, is a traditional theme of jade carving, which can exorcise evil spirits and ensure safety. The whole body is smooth and smooth, which is in line with the "moderate way" in traditional Chinese culture, so it has been a favorite amulet for people since ancient times. In modern times, it is often a gift between lovers to take the meaning of peace. ►The outer circle of the Ping An buckle is round, symbolizing the vast world outside; the inner circle is also round, symbolizing inner peace and indifference. ►The word "button" in the Ping An buckle is vivid and vivid. Together with "Ping An", it symbolizes the year-round peace, the buckled safety, health and longevity. ►The copper coins in the form of emerald safety buckles imply abundant wealth and wealth from all directions. ►The emerald safety buckle is smooth and free, which means a clear mind and active thinking. ►The jade safety buckle is smooth and smooth, which means that everything is successful, the career is smooth, and the family is happy. ✦Bracelet/Bracelet✦ ►Hand circumference Hand circumference is calculated in centimeters (cm), use a tape measure to measure around your hand (please note when placing an order) Lengthening: Additional price is required (the price of each emerald is different, please contact us for quotation) ►Material 925 Silver or 14k gold chain can be customized according to individual needs ►Extension chain (buffer buckle) If you don't want the extension chain (buffer buckle) to stay too long, you can shorten it ✦Free button✦ You can change the pendant with any buckle (please note when placing an order) ✦Jade bindings✦ Any jadeite can be designed with bindings Such as: bag ornaments/mobile phone ornaments/car ornaments/desk ornaments/door ornaments...etc ✦18k mosaic✦ Step1. Contact us (Stone selection) Step2. Customized mosaic design or finished product reference Step3. Make a quote Step4. Final confirmation and deposit payment (using South African real diamonds/18K gold) **If you want to customize but don't know how to start, you are welcome to discuss with our designers.** **Customized products, do not accept return service** ✦ Origin of mining area ✦ More than 80% of the world's jadeite is produced in Myanmar, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, the coast of Hokuriku, Guatemala, the United States, and Russia are also produced. ✦ Kinds of water ✦ From high to low, jadeite species can be roughly divided into glass species, ice species, waxy species, bean species and so on. Among them, the glass species is the best among the jadeite germplasm. ✦Transparency✦ The transparency of jadeite, also known as water head, its value from high to bottom is: glass ground (very transparent), ice ground (transparent), waxy ground (translucent), bean ground (opaque). ✦ Pit ✦ The raw materials of jadeite are divided into "Laokeng" and "Xinkeng" according to the method of production. Among them, people call the rough jadeite that has been soaked in natural snow water for a long time as "Laokeng jade". ► Laokeng: Laokeng refers to the secondary ore of jadeite, that is, after the formation of jadeite, it has undergone the transformation of weathering, earthquakes, flowing water, etc. ►Xinkeng: Xinkeng refers to the original ore of jadeite, that is, jadeite has not undergone major geological transformation after its formation, also known as "Xinchang". ✦Color✦ Emeralds come in many colors, including green, purple, red, yellow, gray, black, white, and more. ✦A goods-C goods✦ Now people can fill in some color by strong acid soaking or laser etching, so that the appearance of inferior jadeite becomes similar to high-grade jadeite. Now jade in the market is usually identified by the letters A, B, C to identify the texture of jade products. ►A jadeite, natural jadeite, is a natural jadeite with natural color and result without chemical treatment. ►B-goods jadeite, bleached and glued jadeite, is the jadeite that has been cleaned with strong acid and glued, soaked and cleaned with strong acid. ►C goods jadeite, dyed jadeite, is artificially dyed jadeite. **Only jadeite A is genuine, the rest are processed manually** ✦Laboratory "Lai Tai'an Gemstone Appraisal Center", all Gemstone/jades can be sent for appraisal ✦Commodity identification, you need to pay an additional identification fee (fee NT$1200~NT$3000) ►A copy of the jade identification certificate ►One invoice issued by the appraisal center **The appraisal fee is different for each product, you can ask first** **7-14 working days** **Special service, non-refundable** ✦Rinse with water after each wearing, then dry with cotton cloth until completely dry, then put it in a moisture-proof bag for storage ►Pure silver material: just wipe with cotton cloth/ Silver cloth ►Package K material: just wipe with cotton cloth ►Emerald Jade: Use a soft toothbrush, dip it in clean water and brush it back and forth on the jade. After brushing, rinse it off with clean water and dry it with a cotton cloth. **All accessories must not be worn in hot springs or in contact with sea water** **It is forbidden to wash Silver water for package K material, and avoid chemical products (to avoid oxidation and fading)** Spend NT$5000 or more will use the reward of emerald. Play Cui exclusive drawer box + microfiber sponge and then attach a moisture-proof bag, and finally add an environmentally friendly carton packaging. ✦Environmental paper box/moisture-proof bag/maintenance card/two layers of bubble wrap/business card **The moisture-proof bag is made of PVC, which is twice as thick to isolate the air and prevent the jewelry from oxidizing.** **Commodities are sent in two layers of bubble wrap** ✦Taiwan area: 【Taiwan Post】Registration (tracking number) 3~10 working days from the date of delivery ✦Taiwan: [Superstore 7-11/Family] 3~10 working days from the date of delivery ✦Overseas area: 【Post】Registration (tracking number) 10 to 20 working days from the date of delivery **Taiwan and overseas regions choose to send registered air freight (tracking number) by post, and registered parcels need to be signed for. Please fill in the correct recipient address when purchasing. If it cannot be delivered due to human factors such as filling in the wrong address, we will not reissue it for free or refund it, and it will only be reissued after the buyer pays the shipping fee.** ✦Natural Jade A Goods✦ "Flawless no jade", natural jade rarely achieves perfection But you/you can give them life and stories ►Natural ores such as ice cracks, mineral deficiencies, sand holes, cotton, color patterns, clouds, etc. are all natural phenomena, not defects, mind taking pictures carefully. ►Polishing and polishing may be a little rough and uneven due to hand-carving, please forgive me ✦Small reminder✦ ►Each product is actually sold and sold, please try to refer to the physical effect shown by photos from different angles, and please read the product introduction carefully ►Shooting Use the mobile phone Apple IPhone to shoot directly without editing. How much there will be color difference, subject to the actual product received ►Accessories are all hand-designed, please do not pull vigorously **After receiving the product, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions** ✦When you buy an elastic bracelet (Japanese silk thread), please contact us to replace it when you find a small thread running out of the silk thread. You can enjoy a free thread change service within one year ✦If the 14k gold chain is discolored due to chemical products, it can be sent back to re-tie it (the cost of production is NT$300) ✦It is recommended to replace the consumables every year, such as: elastic thread/question mark hook/ear hook, (cost NT$50~NT$150) **Replacement of consumables, you need to bear the freight** |ABOUT EITHER X ESSENTIAL JEWELRY Ban Liang (designer) was born in a family business jewelry and jade family More than 50 years of experience in owning the jade industry Befriended with jade since childhood, determined to inherit the oriental charm of jade Let emerald integrate into modern aesthetics and go international Redefine Emerald Let people of all ages find jade jewelry that suits them ✦Hold on✦ Use natural jade A jade and natural stone as the main materials ✦Carefully selected✦ hand-picked jade Please make it by hand by the master polisher Board Niang 2 times personally selected and designed "Seed, water, color, shape, and workmanship" are absolutely first-class ✦Faith✦ "Flawless no jade", natural jade rarely achieves perfection. But you/you can give them life and stories -Modern aesthetics, oriental charm- One of those in life but must have To All unique to you ✨


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►White jade safety buckle jadeite size: 20.1x5.2mm


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