TENGA Vacuum Cup Soft Edition Disposable Airplane Cup

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The curve shape effect creates a deep sense of adsorption! Speaking of TENGA, this is it! The most stable and popular first place! Maintaining the characteristics of the curve shape, with the evolution of internal details, allows you to enjoy the pleasure of powerful sucking!



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TENGA Vacuum Cup Soft Edition Disposable Airplane Cup


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● Deep and powerful sucking and covering feeling ● Special curve structure, layered level design ● Curved modeling effect produces deep absorption ● The softest and smoothest material is suitable for slow-playing and savoring men Special structure design brings you the deepest attraction, attraction and force The curve modeling effect creates a deep sense of adsorption! Speaking of TENGA, this is it! The most popular one! Maintain the characteristics of the curve shape, with the evolved internal details, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of powerful sucking [Dr. Highly recommended for fun] TENGA Vacuum Cup|ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP The special curve structure, layered level design, each advancing has a different feeling of stimulation. The curved structure makes the inside of the aircraft cup produce a deep and strong sucking and covering feeling! Forever No. 1 in the TENGA CUP disposable aircraft cup series! ! Recommended for men who use TENGA CUP for the first time and choose obstacles! [Interesting Trial Member No. 1 Evaluation] There are really too many types of TENGA disposable jet cups. According to Daquan, the first time you use TENGA CUP, the most classic TENGA vacuum cup will not be wrong! While inserting it, I immediately understood why this one was called the vacuum cup! As I progressed step by step, the small hole on the top of the cup made a popping sound as the air was exhausted. When it was inserted to the end, all the air in the cup was exhausted (vacuum??, completely absorbed and attached to my little brother! Then put the top After the small hole was pressed, it started to thrust. It was really sucking. I felt like my cock was cupped and couldn’t move 0.0 at all. After I put a little air into the cup, it became very comfortable, like being oral sex. , And it's the kind that sucks and rinses... In short, the complete list of disposable jet cups is pretty good. I don't know what to choose. The TENGA vacuum cup will definitely not let you down! https://youtu.be/6Se3t8uFqPc https://i.imgur.com/NsxOfqM.jpg ORIGINAL VACUUM SOFT https://i.imgur.com/eo5eljt.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dyVEM7q.jpg https://i.imgur.com/h8OB06D.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZT5OIPW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ossV5m8.jpg feature of product ・The simulated female kneeling posture is designed for male oral sex. ・The inner wrap uses transparent soft rubber. ・Special complex structure. ・Super pleasure. ・With extra lubricating oil. ・It feels cool and refreshing. ・High-quality products. ・The total length is 15.5 cm. ・Imported from Japan TENGA. ・One-time use, filled with lubricant 【Specifications】 🔹 Commodity brand: TENGA 🔹 Product name: TENGA Vacuum Cup Soft Edition Disposable Airplane Cup 🔹 Product weight: 122g 🔹 Features: the softest and smoothest material, with special curve structure 🔹 Body size: length 69 × width 69 × height 155 (mm/mm) 🔹 Manufacturing Origin: MADE IN JAPAN made in Japan [Use Note] ⚠️ Please use water-based lubricant (Ex: TENGA PLAY GEL lubricant|Water-based lubricant 160ml) ⚠️ Do not use silicone lubricating fluid, the silicone toy will break! ⚠️ Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, please store in a cool place ⚠️ Do not use alcohol to disinfect, it will break! ✋ Ensure that the products are officially authorized distributors and original authentic products ✋ The shipment is secretly packaged, and there will not be any sex goods words - Image license number: TENIlEa9d00550884511 Image related description: "The copyright of the TENGA product image used on this page belongs to TENGA Japan Headquarters and Taiwan Branch. This page is authorized to use due to proper application procedures, and arbitrary reprinting and alteration are prohibited."


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