For mother-in-law/grandma | Mother of the Groom - Mother's Day Gift Box Silk Scarf and Scarf Buckle Pink Gift Box Set

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ผ้าไหม ผ้าพันคอ - For mother-in-law/grandma | Mother of the Groom - Mother's Day Gift Box Silk Scarf and Scarf Buckle Pink Gift Box Set


For mother-in-law/grandmother | Mother of the groom - Mother's Day gift box silk scarf and scarf buckle pink bow gift box ✿Product Introduction & Story This is a special thoughtful gift for mother-in-law/grandma (in Hong Kong, grandma is the wife's respectful name for her husband's mother). It is also a greeting gift for the bride to the groom's mother. After marriage, when a woman meets a loving mother-in-law/grandmother, it is like a lucky flower floating towards you. It is luck and gratitude. Thank her on Mother’s Day, and give this Mother’s Day gift to your husband to enhance mutual affection. Open the door to happiness!!!407452631.jpg There is also a piece of text full of affection, give her a surprise on Mother's Day! We also welcome custom-made silk scarf buttons and greeting cards exclusively for mothers.!!407452631.jpg Pink bow gift box set Size: 14cmX12cmx4cm The contents of the gift box include: silk scarf, silk scarf buckle, greeting card: [Chinese and English double-sided printing]!!407452631.jpg ✿To MY MOTHER IN-LAW『Mom, thank you! 』 [The outstanding person I fell in love with is your son, an outstanding man. Thank you for your lifelong dedication and love for me as if it were your own. How lucky to have such a kind, warm, tolerant and caring mother like you. Let me take this special day to say to you: "Happy Mother's Day!" 】 Today, I am so thankful that we become family. I was falling in love with an amazing man, the boy you raised into an incredible man. Thank you for all that you do, and all your love to me, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Here's a little something to say thank you and Happy Mother's Day.!!407452631.jpg!!407452631.jpg!!407452631.jpg!!407452631.jpg!!407452631.jpg Description of silk scarf: ◆Material: polyester filament ◆Two sizes: small square and large square to choose from. Small square: 54CM x 54CM Large square scarf: 90CM x 90CM ~Please pay attention to the options when placing an order and choose the right style!!!407452631.jpg ♥ To view the details of silk scarves, please click the link below: ✿Introduction of silk scarf buckle ◆Material: Glass Crystal Surface Size: Oval Length 1.8cm, Wearing Inner Diameter 1.7cm, Frame Bronze-plated!!407452631.jpg Customized silk scarf buckle: ✿ The silk scarf buckle can be purchased with custom service, add the mother-in-law's name, and become a commemorative Mother's Day gift. Just place an order and leave a customized name or blessing text to the designer, and we will confirm the design of the manuscript for you. Custom Cards: ❤️ You may want to send a gift to your own mother, or budget a gift of the same size for grandma, we have prepared for you Design different themes and heartfelt words, and send them to different recipients❤️!!407452631.jpg ◆Different designs meet different gift-giving needs. For example, if you want to give it to your grandmother, please check "Customized Card - Silk Scarf Gift Box" when placing an order Place an order and leave a message to "Grandmother" and we will make a special card for you. ✿In addition, the card text can also be modified according to your wishes to meet your requirements, please choose a custom card! When placing an order, leave a text message to the designer, and we will contact you to confirm the design manuscript. The above customized additional purchase service needs 5-7 working days to produce! ◭For environmental reasons, our gift box sets do not come with paper bags, but you are welcome to buy gift paper bags◭ If you need to purchase additional gift bags, please click on the following 👇"Additional Paper Bags" to purchase.!!407452631.jpg!!407452631.jpg The designer of STEPHY is a clumsy girl who always only knows how to tie a knot. But she did not admit defeat, and finally broke this fate with creativity. Today, let me introduce, using this magical silk scarf button, you can easily tie different styles, let's take a look at the tutorial: More styles of Mother's Day gift box: Mother & Daughter -【Mother's Day Gift】: For mother-in-law-[Mother's Day gift] To my dear mother - 【Mother's Day gift】: For mother-in-law-【Mother's Day gift】: For grandma, grandma-【Mother's Day gift】: For you who will soon be a mother-[Mother's Day Gift] Beautiful Godmother Godmother-【Mother's Day Gift】 Click the link below to return to STEPHY Design Pavilion 【About Stephy Guoguo|Be Joyful, Be Fashion, Be Tasteful,Be Details】 The products we design hope to provide a pleasant experience, from color, pattern to text. Just relax, feel it, enjoy the breath of the love of your life. We should not be just a transaction with customers, that is not the spirit of our products. So we design carefully, pay attention to details, and look forward to your love. Facebook / Instagram @stephydesignhk


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This is a special heartfelt gift for your mother-in-law/grandmother. Meeting a mother-in-law/grandmother who loves you is like a lucky flower floating towards you. It is luck and gratitude. I would like to thank her on Mother's Day. This gift box has prepared silk scarves that your mother-in-law can definitely use. There are small square scarves and large square scarves in sizes, and a heartfelt card with affectionate words written on it!


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