Guardian old style rattan bracelet from time to time original 995 sterling silver hand-knitted line natural wild medicine rattan bracelet men and women homemade

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The wind vine bracelet was mostly a woman's dowry object during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This guardian wind vine



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Guardian old style rattan bracelet from time to time original 995 sterling silver hand-knitted line natural wild medicine rattan bracelet men and women homemade


It takes 30 days to customize the rattan bracelet cycle. Please do not worry after placing the order. We will send it to you immediately after the production is completed.!!34010003.jpg
**Zhang Ailing once described her situation before leaving the mainland:**
On the eve of leaving Shanghai... My only gold ornament is a gold-plated vine bracelet worn by women when she was five or six years old. The brown vines with light-colored lines are set with dragon bats. He used a knife to scrape the smooth back of the metal engraving, but the gold in the former was particularly thick, and it was scraped to hang or gold was not silver. After a long time of shaving, there was finally a small piece of white. He saw a look of pain in my face, and said: This comrade's face is very honest, she said that the gold is the gold.
When Zhang Jinling's only portable gold ornaments are wrapped in gold vine bracelets, it is obvious that she is very important in her heart.
PS: In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, women need to use the rattan bracelet as a dowry.

Craftsman, non-production!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg

**Product parameters**!!34010003.jpg
Brand: Untimed VISHI
Name: Guardian 995 sterling silver wind vine bracelet
Material: natural wild wind vine, 995 sterling silver
Craft: handmade
Specifications: rattan thick 7/8mm
Size: Please refer to the end of the page [Pat measurement] select the corresponding bracelet size
Maintenance: Wind vines should not be exposed to water for a long time. If you encounter water every day, please dry it in time. If the sterling silver part is oxidized, please clean it in time. If it is not worn, please keep it sealed.!!34010003.jpg

**Product showcase**!!34010003.jpg

**Section A**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg

**Section B**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg

**Section C**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg

**Palm circumference measurement**!!34010003.jpg

**Bracelet size reference**(Please refer to this form before ordering)!!34010003.jpg

**product quality**
Wind vine
The longest legacy of the collection is not the popular Tibetan spatholobus, but the wind vine.
First, the wind vine bracelet is mostly a woman's dowry object during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Second, the density of wind vine is higher than that of spatholobus, not easy to corrode

The wind vine has a flat cylindrical shape with a taupe or brown surface and is rough.
Longitudinal ribbed texture and obvious knots, enlarged nodes, and adventitious roots!!34010003.jpg

The wind vine is mainly produced from the coast of Taiwan and the deep mountains of Zhejiang.
"Materia Medica renews" records wind vine
"The path, the blood, the wide and medium qi, the lower the wet, the waist, the athlete's foot, the cure, the fetus."
Legend has it that wearing a wind vine bracelet has the meaning of avoiding disasters.

Take nature and rest in peace.

**Rattan bracelet maintenance method**
Waterproof and moisture proof
The rattan bracelet is not easy to store in a humid environment. If you accidentally mold it, wipe it off with a clean soft cloth.

Oiling and drying
When the surface is dry, it can be applied with a maintenance oil as appropriate.

**Product packaging**!!34010003.jpg
Since the maintenance oil attached to the goods is within the scope of the items that are prohibited from being sent to the express air, if the air parts (such as SF Express) are issued, the maintenance oil will not be shipped with the goods. Maintenance of rattan bracelets can use vegetable oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.) instead of maintenance oil.

**How to use the maintenance oil:**
Apply a proper amount of maintenance oil to the surface of the vine and apply evenly with hand or cotton until the oil is completely absorbed.


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