Black pepper essential oil-pure natural essential oil imported from Germany

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Originally imported from Germany, 100% natural black pepper essential oil has a fresh and bright and invigorating breath, which can bring power to the body and mind circulation and relieve tension. The massage oil blended by diluting black pepper essential oil with base oil is very suitable for use on the abdomen and extremities. It can help activate circula



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Black pepper essential oil-pure natural essential oil imported from Germany

รายละเอียดสินค้า **About|AGRICOLA Pure Essential Oil Series** The 100% pure essential oil series without additives is the brand foundation of AGRICOLA Botanists. We believe that the natural healing power of pure herbs can make healthy and burden-free plant life possible. Whether it is used in incense, home purification or diluted with base oil After applying it to the skin, it can make every daily life closer to the natural and sustainable lifestyle. ❖The entire product line is made in Germany, imported with original packaging, without filling. **Story | About Black Pepper** The black peppercorns are turquoise when they are just picked, and will turn black after being heated and sunburned, and reach a state where they can be distilled to make essential oils. The smell of black pepper is sharp and clear, but it evaporates quickly. When mixed with other essential oils, it can increase the overall aroma level and bring a different olfactory feeling to the familiar plant smell. Reference to match essential oils: bergamot, cardamom, clary sage, sweet fennel, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, juniper berries, real lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, citrus, sweet marjoram, sweet orange, palmarosa, canton Ageratum, rosemary, East Indian sandalwood, tea tree, ylang ylang, etc. **Black Pepper** Scientific name: Piper nigrum Fragrant order: top middle note Odor intensity: medium Odor characteristics: bright and warm pepper aroma Extraction method: distillation Extraction part: fruit Origin of raw materials: India Manufacturing place: Germany ■Can be used on the skin only after diluting with base oil ■No photosensitivity **To Use | How to use pure essential oils** ❖Scented space creates a pure and natural living atmosphere ❖Household purification, after dripping essential oils into clean water, it can be used for home cleaning such as floor furniture, or used in laundry, which can help deep cleansing and make the environment full of comfortable and pleasant plant atmosphere. ❖Natural spray, drop 10-40 drops of essential oil into a commercially available 500ml alcohol spray bottle to change your mood at any time and help freshen and purify the air. Storage method: Please keep in a cool place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and avoid children Shelf life: 3 years Product capacity: 10ml Origin: Germany Scope of application: aromatherapy / consultation with aroma therapist Note: Single essential oils/compound essential oils are highly concentrated and undiluted pure essential oils. Except for single products that can be used on the skin, please do not apply directly to the skin before being diluted with vegetable oil. - **Important: Instructions for Issuing Invoice of Design Hall** **Invoices will be issued for purchases of regular-priced goods in the design hall, and the designer will issue an electronic invoice after the appreciation period expires. Because Pinkoi does not provide consumers with e-mails to designers, the e-mail notifications of electronic invoices will be kept by the designers. If there is a winner, the winner will be contacted through the station letter.** **If you want to receive the e-invoice link in advance, please send your e-mail to the message designer (you must use "little mouse" instead of "@" to describe the e-mail address so that it will not be detected as an e-mail address by the system. The message could not be sent successfully).** **Thank you for your patience, and bless you lucky to win the prize!**


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