[Gift Mini Mixing Group] SLL Summer Fresh Fragrance Group / Body Lotion + Cleansing Soap (optional 1+1)

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Refresh and maintain in summer! In the hot summer, SLL launched a summer special maintenance group, Accompany you through the hot summer with refreshing fragrance~ Contents: Shea Butter Body Lotion 200ml + Amino Acid Cleansing Soap 120g


Simple Life Laboratory

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[Gift Mini Mixing Group] SLL Summer Fresh Fragrance Group / Body Lotion + Cleansing Soap (optional 1+1)


SLL body lotion [Charming 12-12 kinds of romantic moments] The charm of women is the amorous feelings of different scenes. Which one is the Charming in your state today? In the spring of 2019, SLL collaborated with two young creators Tina Chen / Amber Hung, A selection of 12 attractive fragrances, with 12 female illustrations of different styles, While applying body lotion to moisturize the skin, it is a moment to show your unique self again through the sense of smell. I have my taste! 【Product Features】 1. SLL adheres to the brand concept of avoiding preservatives as much as possible. In the body milk launched this time, a natural antiseptic system made of active ingredients extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine "Magnolia" is also called a self-preservative system. The use of natural antiseptic materials of the same level as international brands, so that customers who love fragrance can use it at ease. 2. Carrying out the core spirit of the SLL brand "to accompany customers with a low-key fragrance expression", each SLL body lotion is matched with a different style of fragrance, which can moisturize the skin, relieve stress and show charm. 3. SLL body milk also has the functional and practicality required by customers: A. Contains hyaluronic acid, hydroxyethyl urea and palmitol, simple maintenance actions to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. B. Add provitamin B5 and shea butter for deep repair. C. Inject additional comprehensive vitamins to provide nutrients needed by the skin and maintain healthy vitality. Bathing time, accompanied by the sound of water, mist and fragrance, At the same time as I was relaxing, a section of pleasant and yearning images appeared in my mind. [SLL Simple Life Lab] With the theme of Imagination, Strictly select six scents suitable for bathing, with six splash-ink illustrations full of associations, Accompany women who love themselves, and enjoy a happy fragrance baptism after the daily busy. Contents: 200ml How to use: After bathing or when needed, apply an appropriate amount to the whole body and massage gently until the skin is completely absorbed. Note: 1. Non-food, do not eat. And please place the product on a high place to prevent children from eating it by mistake. 2. If the skin is red and itchy during use, please stop using it. Preservation method: Please store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Shelf life: 3 years Designed and Made in Taiwan Cleansing is the most important basic task for skin care. The simplest simple soap gives you the most peace of mind! [Simple Soap] most in line with the concept of simple life: 1. The solid shape of the soap can be completely free of preservatives, making the cleaning itself more comfortable and natural. 2.Simple Soap's almost transparent soap body is because it uses more than 60% of amino acid as the main raw material, and there is no petrochemical source active agent. 3.Simple Soap does not contain soap and alkali, and is weakly acidic with PH5.5, which makes cleaning more comfortable and can be used on sensitive skin with peace of mind. 4. Why use amino acid as the main raw material? A. Amino acid is the most important basic member that constitutes collagen... etc. It can help the skin maintain a stable PH value, maintain the skin's antioxidant function, and inhibit free radicals generated by ultraviolet radiation or age. B. Amino acids have good affinity to human skin, can restore the respiration of skin cells and promote metabolism. At the same time, the strong water retention function of amino acid brings moisturizing effect to the skin. 5. Simple Soap is suitable for deep cleansing of the face, moisturizing and not tight. It can also be used for body cleansing to add points to skin care. 6. The fragrance comes from essential oils. While washing your face and bathing, you can enjoy the relief of fragrance. 7. Since the amino acid will dissolve in water, the Simple Soap should be stored in a dry place in the bathroom. If it is accidentally dissolved, the amino acid in the water still has a cleaning effect and can be used continuously. But because it does not contain preservatives, it should be used as soon as possible. Contents: 120g How to use: Wet your hands with clean water, rub the soap body to foam and apply to the area to be cleaned and rinse off with clean water. Repeat once or twice as needed. Note: 1. Non-food, please do not eat. 2. If the skin is red and itchy during use, please stop using it. 3. This product does not add preservatives, please use it with peace of mind. 4. This product will dissolve in water. Please keep in a dry and cool place. 5. This product is cut and shaped by hand due to the characteristics of the ingredients. Each soap body will not be completely square, but it will not affect the quality of the product at all. Please use it with peace of mind. Storage method: After use, please place it in a cool and ventilated place, do not soak in water and direct sunlight. Shelf life: 3 years Place of Origin: Taiwan 【brand introduction】 [SLL Simple Life Laboratory] established in January 2015, Positioned as a "personal portable fragrance" brand. Treat life as a petri dish, and treat product proposals as an experiment, Continue to accompany women who learn to love themselves, Through the fragrance, we can find our own uniqueness together. We advocate "scent is a low-key expression". Keep trying Find your simple life! [Why do we pay attention to olfactory fragrance? 】 Brain science tells us that smell is directly connected to the perceptual brain, the limbic system, In charge of sensibility and emotional awareness, It is the only sense in the five senses that is not controlled by the brain. The intuition of smell echoes emotions and emotions, Each fragrance represents a uniqueness of those who love him. Women scented perfume, it is through the scent "low-key expression", Express who I am, my emotions, my emotions, It expresses my uniqueness and my choice.


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