Moonstone Very Fine Wax Bracelet Diamond Knot / Lover's Stone

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Moonstone ♡ A variety of colors ♡ Choose your favorite color ♡


musubi Red String

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Moonstone Very Fine Wax Bracelet Diamond Knot / Lover's Stone


Moonstone | Drawstring / Bead Buckle (Moonstone contains ice flocs, internal cracks, and small black spots are normal phenomena / if you mind, please purchase at your own discretion) Figure 1,2) Royal Blue + Lavender Color / Moon Red Line Figure 3) Apple Green + Lemon Yellow Figure 4) Mint green + white / golden + pink yellow (Measured**white wax thread**It is easy to be contaminated with dust or sweat to become gray when wearing, if you mind, please refer to it yourself) (only white wax thread will not know why ..) It can also be changed to mint green + other colors, please write to us to discuss ♡ ♡ **• musubi • Knot rope-Wishing rope-Lucky rope •** Musubi injects a sense of freshness into the tradition, a little cute, a little temperament, specially selected very thin wax thread and five-color thread are woven knotted one by one with the blessed vajra knot, it takes more time to knit than the ordinary lucky rope, but wear it Very elegant, with elegant temperament in the traditional heritage! Recommended for people who like to wear thin bracelets ❤️ * Vajra knot is a kind of rope knot. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is a kind of amulet to avoid evil and protect peace. * Natural crystal minerals and semi-precious stones all have energy fields. After purchase, they can be worn after three rounds of purification in the large temple incense burner. Various religions can be purified and blessed in their own way. * Wax thread is more durable than traditional Chinese knot wire and can be worn for a long time without having to remove it * It's okay to touch the water and wear a shower to sleep ♡ **Important measuring hand circumference**Please read the following to measure hand circumference Remember to "measure the amount" to fit the size of the wrist circumference! Please use a tape measure, a flexible cord or a long piece of paper to loosely and tightly fit the wrist around the circle (preferably slightly loose than do not tighten), no need to reserve the looseness (do not stuff a finger wide or loosen the length by yourself) Just right, we will add another about 0.7 cm looseness to let you wear it just slightly stick your wrist! (Ex. Your sticking hand circumference + 0.7 = full length of bracelet) '' But '' if you are not used to fitting your wrist and want to wear it a little bit more, it is recommended to leave 1 to 1.5 cm loose! But please send us a separate letter or please give us the full-length size that feels comfortable! **If there is no special remarks or full-length size, the hand circumference will default to another + 0.7cm looseness! Thank you!** ((We have adjusted the problem of looseness many times! Up to now we feel comfortable looseness is the looseness that fits the wrist + 0.6 ~ 0.8 cm! But the looseness we like may not be your honey! Yes Any questions about size can be sent to us by letter!)) **Again, please make sure that the amount fits the size of your wrist before placing an order** If you can't measure it very accurately, please choose the drawstring version, as long as it is loose, you can wear it; the bead buckle model can't be worn if the amount is too small. Please, please "please measure your hand circumference" Thank you. • The colors in the photos may differ slightly depending on the display screen. • Each item of natural stone and micro gem is different, and there may be a few flaws such as cracks, pits, natural lines, black spots and other colors. We will try to select the one with the best quality. Please make sure to accept and then order. • It is easy to put on and take off. It is recommended to choose the drawstring / bead buckle model. It is difficult to take it off after wearing it 😊 • Our bracelets can be worn in the bath and sleep! It can be loosened or broken when you take it away. There is also a saying: broken can be said to help you avoid bad luck! • More than**(inclusive) 20 cm or more**hand circumference / foot circumference please inquire separately, thank you! • For friends in Hong Kong and abroad: we are sending**airline registration (non-SF)**Please fill in the name and address of the certificate, thank you! Please read the bulletin board of the store carefully before ordering :-) After payment is completed**working day will be counted as the next working day about 3 ~ 7 days (excluding holidays and 6 days)** ✨**But the actual production work day is still based on the bulletin board of the design hall**, thanks ✨ Each bracelet is custom-made order + manual compilation, the number of daily compilation is limited! Please forgive me and thank you for your patience 💕 In addition, the inventory of goods is not in stock, the bracelets are made according to the customer's order, no stock! Thank you ♡


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